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Gay Marriages To Begin In Idaho, After High Court Lifts Stay

The order from the Supreme Court signals yet again that the justices are disinclined to review cases throwing out state bans on gay marriage.

Porridge Aficionados Vie To Make Theirs The Breakfast Of Champions

Once derided as Scottish food better suited to horses than people, porridge these days is more cool than gruel. In the U.K., competitions have porridge lovers battling with their best recipes.

Clinton Documents: 7 Excerpts You Should Read

The Clinton Presidential Library finished releasing documents that had been withheld previously. They reveal nothing we didn't already know, but give insight into a tumultuous time at the White House.

Digital Natives, Except When It Comes To Textbooks

Textbook prices are high and rising, yet one obvious alternative to paying for paper the e-textbook just hasn't caught on, even with a new, digital-savvy generation of students.

For This Baseball Season, Roger Angell Has Just The 'Ticket'

The American League Championship Series begins tonight. Writer Kate Tuttle says Roger Angell's 1988 collection of essays, Season Ticket, is the perfect accompaniment to the postseason.

A Liberian Doctor Comes Up With His Own Ebola Regimen

At a government-run hospital in Liberia, Dr. Gabriel Logan is doing everything he can to save Ebola patients. That includes experimenting with an HIV drug as treatment.

Answering Your Questions About Ebola Treatments And Vaccines

We answer listeners' questions about treatments and possible vaccines for Ebola.

Sloppy Splinting Can Make A Child's Broken Arm Much Worse

A pediatrician who specializes in fixing broken bones in kids and teens says about 90 percent of the fractures he treats have been splinted improperly in a community ER or urgent care center first.