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Ebola Keeps A Mercer Student From Going Home

While college students are packing up and heading home for the holidays, a Mercer University sophomore is staying put. He's from Liberia and the Ebola outbreak remains a grim reality for his family.

As Pakistan Mourns, Prime Minister Removes Moratorium On Death Penalty

The country was starting to take stock of a Taliban attack on a school that killed 145 people. Most of them were children.

Senate OKs Judicial Nominees, Tax Extensions Before Republican Takeover

Lawmakers in the Senate approved an extension of tax breaks and confirmed 12 more judicial nominees, but a terrorism insurance bill didn't survive the night.

Economists: Congress Gets A Hat Tip (Barely) For Its Efforts

Congress passed no laws addressing the minimum wage, tax reform, trade or immigration this year. But judged by the low recent standards, lawmakers got light applause from economists.

Marvel At 75: Still Slinging Webs And Guarding Galaxies

What became Marvel Comics got its start in 1939 as Timely Publications. It went through many changes but one constant has been writer Stanley Lieber, better known as Stan Lee.

In California, Fire Plus Drought Plus Rain Add Up To Mud

Heavy rains are hitting drought-stricken California. But instead of sinking into the earth, the water is rushing away in areas burned by wildfire, raising the danger of mudslides.

Cows Remain At Large After Breakout At Idaho Meat Plant

Cows were running free in Pocatello, Idaho, Tuesday, following in the hooves of a feisty heifer that escaped from a meat packing plant Friday.

India's New Comic Book Hero Fights Rape, Rides On The Back Of A Tiger

Her name is Priya and she is the star of a new graphic novel in India. After she is gang-raped, her family and neighbors shun her but then a Hindu goddess grants her special powers.

On Nebraska's Farmland, Keystone XL Pipeline Debate Is Personal

The pipeline's fate looms large in Washington. But for people living in Keystone XL's proposed path, the project will alter livelihoods and legacies for better or worse, depending on whom you ask.