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After Sunday Service, Georgia Churches Get Souls To The Polls

If Democrat Michelle Nunn wins in Georgia, it will likely be because of strong African-American voter turnout. Black churches are busing congregants to early voting locations after Sunday services.

Corneal Implants Might Make Reading Glasses Obsolete

For most people, the need for reading glasses is as inevitable as gray hair and wrinkles. Companies are experimenting with corneal implants to improve the ability to focus close up.

U.S. Women's National Soccer Team Cements Its Dominance

The U.S. team didn't give up a single goal in the 5-game CONCACAF tournament. They capped off their performance Sunday with a near-perfect 6-0 game against Costa Rica.

Pandora Hopes To Lure Musicians Backstage With Analytics

The music streaming company is making a play for artists' goodwill, announcing a new service that gives musicians access to data on who is listening to their music, when and where.

Disabled Vermont Woman Who Led Class-Action Suit Sues Medicare Again

A legally blind woman who has led a fight to make Medicare pay for care even when patients' medical conditions don't improve is in court to get Medicare payment for her own home care.

The Red Cross Is Using Text Messaging To Take Down Ebola

Working with the government, the Red Cross sends 2 million texts a month to people in Sierra Leone, reminding them to wash their hands, take their temperature and protect themselves from Ebola.

Town In Hawaii Prepares For Possible Evacuation Ahead Of Lava Flow

On the state's Big Island, the town of Pahoa is packing up to leave if the flow from Mount Kilauea continues its advance.