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Drugmaker In India's Sterilization Deaths Arrested

Thirteen women are dead and dozens sick after the Nov. 8 procedures at a state-run hospital in central India. The doctor who performed the procedures was arrested Wednesday.

'Shirtstorm' Leads To Apology From European Space Scientist

As the Rosetta mission made history by putting a lander on a comet, one of its leading scientists drew wide criticism for wearing a shirt featuring lingerie-clad women.

Big Mayo Vs. Little Mayo: Which Brand Has Egg On Its Face?

Unilever is claiming that the label on Hampton Creek's egg-free spread is misleading and is threatening to its Hellmann's brand. But marketing experts say the strategy may have backfired.

Ga. Secretary of State Brian Kemp

Ga. Secretary Of State Kemp Pushes For Southeast Presidential Primary

Kemp says if voters in the southeast cast ballots on the same day they will have more influence in the election process.

Comet Lander Deploys Drill, But Could Lose Power Tonight

Fearing that Philae's batteries won't last past Friday, engineers are looking at possible ways to help it get more power from its solar panels. One ray of hope: Its comet is heading toward the sun.

immigration court

Lawyers Say Quick Deportation Proceedings Of Central American Minors Risk Due Process

A representative from the Georgia-Alabama chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association says the speed of the process is unusual.

Hagel Announces Billions In Upgrades To Nuclear Program

The U.S. defense secretary said the Pentagon is aiming to invest about 10 percent more over the next five years to fix "systemic problems" in leadership, morale and aging equipment.

Judge Denies BP's Attempt To Avoid Up To $18 Billion In Fines

Last month, the company asked the judge to reconsider a ruling that could trigger fines under the Clean Water Act. And on Thursday, he said no. The company says it will appeal.