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3 Potential Ebola Therapies To Be Tested; Liberia Lifts Emergency

Two of the therapies that medical teams plan to start testing next month involve antiviral drugs. Meanwhile, in Liberia, the president has lifted a state of emergency.

Liberians Meet Death With Flowers, Trumpets And Cameras

To understand why Liberians have had a hard time changing their funeral practices in the age of Ebola, first you must understand their tender and celebratory traditions.

Philaes instrument

Ga. Tech Professor Has Special Reason for Cheering Comet-Chasing Probe

A. Nepomuk Otte helped create the technology the orbiter will use to conduct its studies.

U.S. Would Consider 'Modest' Force For Complex Iraq Operations

The comments were made to a House panel by Army Gen. Martin Dempsey. Earlier, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the battle against Islamic State militants would be "long and difficult."

Preemies May Be Exposed To High Levels Of Phthalates In The NICU

Chemicals in medical equipment can be transferred to patients, and it's a particular concern with premature infants whose bodies and brains are immature.

8 Epic Eating Contests In American History

In the Land of Plenty, Americans put the eat in compete.

Yes, Doctor, I Took My Anti-HIV Meds (But Really, I Didn't)

African women signed up for a trial to test pills and gels that can prevent HIV. They swore they were complying. Only they weren't. Reasons range from conspiracy theories to ... skin care.

Amazon And Hachette Reach A Deal On E-Book Pricing

The multiyear agreement, which will take effect in early 2015, ends a months-long stalemate between the online retail giant and the publishing powerhouse.

Baseball's Cy Young Awards Go To A Newcomer And A Repeat Winner

The Los Angeles Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw swept the voting for his third Cy Young, while Corey Kluber of the Cleveland Indians narrowly won his first.

Mountain Education Charter School

New Program Helps Ga. Inmates Earn High School Diplomas

A newly created partnership between the Georgia Department of Corrections and a north Georgia charter school is expected to help some prison inmates earn their high school diplomas.