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Nosferatu/Insomnia Cured Here

Coastal Ga. Weekend: Savannah And Coastal Events Oct. 30-Nov.2

Anna Chandler, Arts and Entertainment Editor of Connect Savannah, and Jim Reed, Film Scene columnist for Do Savannah, share their picks for a fun (and spooky) Halloween weekend in Savannah.

Russian Engines Could Be Focus Of Antares Launch Failure Probe

NK-33 engines, originally destined for a Soviet-era moon shot that never got off the ground and later used in the Antares, are suspect, some scientists say.

To Tackle Sexual Assault Cases, Colleges Enlist Investigators-For-Hire

Colleges are under pressure to revamp how they handle sexual assault cases. Some schools, rather than trying to train administrators to act like prosecutors, are outsourcing the job to real ones.

WATCH: On Sandy Anniversary, Gov. Chris Christie Faces Off With Heckler

Christie, known for fierce confrontations with detractors, finished this particular exchange by saying, "Sit down and shut up."

FTC Says AT&T Misled Customers About 'Unlimited' Data Plans

The Federal Trade Commission says AT&T slowed data speeds for 3.5 million customers, sometimes up to 90 percent.

Inventor Of 'Operation' Game Says He Can't Afford His Own Operation

John Spinello missed out on a lot of money, because he sold his patent for the legendary game for just $500. Over the past few years, things have been rough for Spinello.

Federal Reserve Stays The Course, Ends Most Recent Stimulus Program

The Fed has been buying up bonds by the trillions since the financial crisis started in 2008. Today, it affirmed that it was going ahead with plans to end its third round of stimulus.

As Infrastructure Crumbles, Trillions Of Gallons Of Water Lost

The nation's aging pipes and water mains are springing expensive leaks, wasting more than 2 trillion gallons of drinking water nationally and 22 billion gallons in the Chicago area alone.

North Korean Officials Reportedly Executed For Watching Soap Operas

At least 10 people have been put to death recently for viewing the daytime dramas smuggled in from South Korea, according to sources.