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What Cockroaches With Backpacks Can Do. Ah-mazing

Cockroaches are widely despised. They're attracted to filth. They frighten people, even give them nightmares.

Pew: Nearly One-Third Of Americans Hide Information Online

Almost a third of Americans have taken steps to hide or shield their information online since Edward Snowden publicized National Security Agency surveillance practices.

Making Pies For Pi Day: Think Inside The Circle

Editor's note: A version of this story was published in March 2011. Get ready to roll out some dough, because it's almost Pi Day.

Behold! The Cosmos Created From The Contents Of A Kitchen

Surely, you've heard of making food in space. Astronauts have to eat, right?

FCC Publishes Full Text Of Net Neutrality Rules

Two weeks after it voted to approve rules on net neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission has released the full text of the Open Internet Order. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler calls it "a shining example of American democracy at work."

Researchers Think There's A Warm Ocean On Enceladus

Saturn's moon Enceladus is a mystery. From Earth it looks tiny and cold, and yet it's not a dead hunk of rock.

The App Of The Moment: Meerkat Tests Our Desire To Share Live Video

After Jon Ward happened upon Meerkat, the newest live-video streaming app, he couldn't stop thinking about the reporting potential. As the senior political correspondent for Yahoo News, Ward knew the technology involved is anything but revolutionary.

The Teenage Brain: Spock Vs. Captain Kirk

This story was written for the series, "Being 12: The Year Everything Changes," from member station WNYC.

Sci-Tech Now: Solar Powered Planes And Dwarf Planet Discoveries

The science behind aeronautics and space travel is being pushed to its limits this week, thanks to two different projects – one here on Earth, and one happening some 300 million miles away.

New HBO Now Streaming Service Shows Consumer's Will Is King

There's a lesson at the heart of the announcement Monday by HBO that it was finally starting the standalone video streaming service they have been talking about for five months, HBO Now. In a media world fragmented by digital technology, the consumer's will is king.