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The App Of The Moment: Meerkat Tests Our Desire To Share Live Video

After Jon Ward happened upon Meerkat, the newest live-video streaming app, he couldn't stop thinking about the reporting potential. As the senior political correspondent for Yahoo News, Ward knew the technology involved is anything but revolutionary.

The Teenage Brain: Spock Vs. Captain Kirk

This story was written for the series, "Being 12: The Year Everything Changes," from member station WNYC.

Sci-Tech Now: Solar Powered Planes And Dwarf Planet Discoveries

The science behind aeronautics and space travel is being pushed to its limits this week, thanks to two different projects – one here on Earth, and one happening some 300 million miles away.

New HBO Now Streaming Service Shows Consumer's Will Is King

There's a lesson at the heart of the announcement Monday by HBO that it was finally starting the standalone video streaming service they have been talking about for five months, HBO Now. In a media world fragmented by digital technology, the consumer's will is king.

To Head Off Trauma's Legacy, Start Young

At the Cobbs Creek Clinic in West Philadelphia, Dr. Roy Wade relies on some of the same tools every pediatrician uses for exams blood pressure cuffs, a stethoscope, and, of course, tongue depressors.

#AppleWatchEvent: Apple Reveals Its Much-Anticipated Smart Watch

Updated at 4:39 p.m. ET

Neighbors And Fans Are Curious About Apple's Massive New HQ

In Silicon Valley, the world's largest Apple product is taking shape a glass and concrete ring wider than the Pentagon. Apple is known for keeping tight control over its product development, and this new campus is no exception.

Solar-Powered Airplane Embarks On Attempt To Fly Around The World

It weighs as much as an SUV, but its wingspan is wider than a 747's. And Monday, a solar-powered airplane flew over the Gulf of Oman, starting what its pilots hope will be a record-setting trip around the world.
President Barack Obama

President Obama Visiting Georgia Tech Tuesday, Introduces High Tech Worker Initiative

President Barack Obama plans to visit Georgia Tech Tuesday to address students. The President will give a speech in the afternoon in an event that is only open to Tech students and faculty, as well as the media.

As Apple Watch Launches, Taking Stock Of Competitors And Possibilities

Like an elephant splashing down in a mud hole, Apple's entry into the smart watch market is expected to have a huge impact. How much of one is a multibillion dollar question.