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Target Agrees To $10 Million Settlement Over Data Breach

Target has agreed to pay $10 million to settle a class-action lawsuit related to the company's 2013 data breach. Court documents show hacking victims could get as much as $10,000 apiece.

Cramped Chicken Cages Are Going Away. What Comes Next?

For the past two years, at an undisclosed location in the Upper Midwest, a large commercial egg farm has been probed with every tool of modern science.
Cannabis oil in a syringe

Medical Marijuana Oil Study Underway At Georgia Regents

A Georgia Regents University scientist says a clinical study he's launched on medical marijuana oil covers only a small number of children with severe seizures that are resistant to medication.

As Women Try Out For Armor Units, 'If You Can Hack It, You Can Hack It'

It's a recent morning out in California's Mojave Desert, and Marine Lance Cpls. Paula Pineda and Julia Carroll are struggling to pick up and maneuver Carl. He's a 220-pound dummy, and a stand-in for a wounded Marine.

Microsoft Is Phasing Out Internet Explorer

Clippy will soon get a roommate in Microsoft heaven or hell, depending on your perspective.

Can't Protect The Real White House? Get An $8 Million Fake One

It's no secret that the Secret Service has had a few public-relations problems over the past few years. Not the least of which was a man who scaled the White House fence and made it all the way inside the home of the American president and his family.

Would Automatic Voter Registration Increase Turnout?

Go to renew your driver's license in Oregon, and you will now be signed up to vote automatically.

Facebook's Suicide Prevention Tools Connect Friends, Test Privacy

People who struggle with suicidal thoughts will often reach out to friends and family first. But when our social circle lives online these days, the biggest social media networks grapple with how to intervene and with getting users the right kind of help.

In Intense Desert Training, Marine Women Fight For Place On Front Lines

In the dry and craggy hills of California's Mojave Desert, Capt. Ray Kaster tries to shout over the din of a machine gun to be heard by Alpha Company, the unit of Marines he's working with during a month of rigorous instruction at Twentynine Palms training center.

What Cockroaches With Backpacks Can Do. Ah-mazing

Cockroaches are widely despised. They're attracted to filth. They frighten people, even give them nightmares.