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Court Rules Against Oxendine

A Fulton County judge has ruled that state Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine disregarded application requirements when awarding small-loan licenses. Superior Court Judge Marvin Arrington ruled that Oxendine was not requiring applicants for licenses to fill out required forms.

Onion Farmers Watch Drought More Than Cold

The cold weather is causing concerns for anyone who has freeze-sensitive plants. But farmers are more concerned about the lack of rain. It's rained just 18 inches since July in Toombs County, the heart of Georgia's $83 million a year Vidalia onion harvest.

State Tax Collections Rise in November

Fueled by property and corporate income tax collections, Georgia's revenues climbed in November for the sixth straight month. State officials reported Monday that tax collections for the month are up 6.7 percent from the same month a year before.

Film Industry Confident Tax Breaks Will Stay

While Georgia's overall economy remains stagnant, the state's film industry is booming. Film industry officials believe that will keep them in good stead with state lawmakers who are reviewing all of Georgia's tax credits next year.

Red Snapper Rules Reversed

Federal fishery managers have dropped plans to close about 5,000 square miles of Atlantic ocean to bottom fishing as part of a red snapper recovery plan.

Women-Owned Businesses Surge

The latest census data shows women-owned businesses in Georgia surged from 2002 to 2007. In 2007, women owned nearly 280,000 firms in Georgia. That’s up from about 200,000 five years earlier.

Cruise Ships Could Draw 350,000

Cruise ships could bring Savannah more passengers than originally estimated. That's the conclusion of the first phase of a cruise ship feasibility study.

Columbus Courts Pratt-Whitney Jobs

The scheduled closure of two Pratt and Whitney plants in Connecticut could be west Georgia’s gain.

Neighbors Criticize Coal Plant Plan

The plant proposed by Power 4 Georgians would pump about 13 million gallons a day from the Oconnee River to be used in the Ogeechee River Basin. Any extra water would be returned.

New Data On Lake Lanier’s Impact

A new report says Georgia’s historic drought of 2008 took a disastrous toll on the economy of Lake Lanier north of Atlanta. The non-profit 1071 Coalition” spent $180,000 on the independent study to provide hard data on Lake Lanier’s economic importance to North Georgia.