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GPB News - Innovation

Foreign Business Leaders Tour Towns

This week international trade officials are visiting Central and Western Georgia. They’ll look at business opportunities outside Atlanta.

Georgia Loses Transportation Bid

Georgia is not included among the states receiving federal money for new transportation projects. The Federal Department of Transportation announced several projects in the Northeast and Midwest on Monday, in addition to further funding for Amtrak.

Kia Welcomes Major Shipment

Kia Motors is bringing in more than 2,800 tons of equipment to expand its Georgia plant. Heavy machinery and other equipment bound for the automaker's manufacturing plant in West Point is scheduled to arrive Wednesday at the Port of Savannah.

Flowers Foods Takes Over Competitor

Thomasville-based bread products company Flowers Foods is buying a major snack cake company. Flowers says taking over Philadelphia-based TastyKake gives the company access to 24 million more consumers.

Oglethorpe Power Buys Gas Plant

Oglethorpe Power has finalized the purchase of a natural-gas power plant in North Georgia. The company provides electricity to more than 4-million Georgians.

Prosecutors Eye Gambling Cafes

Prosecutors across Georgia are keeping their eye on gambling at “internet café’s”. They’re also watching a bill now in the state senate.

Gambling Fears Cloud Indian Claim

An Oklahoma-based band of Creek Indians wants US Indian Affairs officials to declare part of St. Simons Island Georgia's first federally-approved Native American reservation. Gambling concerns could complicate their plans.

Funds Could Boost Freight Network

Nearly $2.5 billion in new federal transportation money has opened-up, and Georgia’s one of two dozen states bidding for a slice. If Georgia wins some of the cash, the state’s freight transportation network could benefit.

Changes Would Have Little Impact on Meat Industry

Newly proposed food inspection regulations would likely have little impact on Georgia’s meat industry. The guidelines would require meat producers to keep products off store shelves until test results come in. The rules cover processed meat that’s ready for eating.

Can You Quack “Aflac”?

Around the country, people are trying to quack their way to fame as the new voice of the Aflac spokesduck.