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Wait 6 Days To Harvest Onions? Not If This Vidalia Farmer Can Help It

UPDATE (Wednesday 5:06 p.m.): A prominent Vidalia onion farmer says he's packing and shipping onions Wednesday, regardless of what Georgia's agriculture commissioner may say.

Vidalia Onion Farmer Takes State Back To Court

Georgia’s largest Vidalia onion grower is taking the state agriculture commissioner back to court Tuesday. He’s asking a judge in Tattnall County to give him the go-ahead to harvest this week.

WORKING: Sharing Employees' Salaries Might Make Them Work Harder

If you knew how much money all of your work colleagues make, would that irritate you? Or might that knowledge spur you to work harder?

'Connect Savannah' Investigation Asks What Could Have Prevented 'Midnight Rider' Death?

Authorities are still investigating the death of Sarah Jones, 27, the camera assistant killed by a train on the set of the Gregg Allman biopic “Midnight Rider.”

WORKING: Why Young College Grads Can't Find Work

If you have a “5” in front of your age, our Working guy says you’re in trouble when it comes time to find a job. An avalanche of data is starting to show that having a “1” or a “2” in front of your age might not be so great either.

WORKING: Making Weekends Work Doesn't Mean Working On The Weekends

What makes successful people, well, successful? Certainly it’s a combination of lots of different habits, skills and approaches. But authors and career coaches have found in talking to high-achievers that the way they handle their weekends is one element.

WORKING: Good Buddies, Good Business Partners?

Lots of professionals are now supplementing their income as freelancers or striking out on their own altogether.

WORKING: Leaving Too Soon?

Accepting a great career opportunity sometimes means workers have to leave a position they’ve had for only a short time. Consider this example from someone who reads Brandon Smith’s blog about working and career issues:

WORKING: The Limits Of Online Connections

When Cleveland marketing professional Kelly Blazek got a LinkedIn invitation from a young woman she didn’t know, she didn’t just ignore it.

WORKING: When Your Boss Doesn't Like You, What Do You Do?

Brandon Smith is often asked how people can tell if their boss doesn’t like them.