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Passenger Rail Remains On Wish List

A passenger rail proposal from Macon to Atlanta is still on a transportation wish list. However, officials are still a long way away from putting their lists to voters.

Music Hall Of Fame Closing Sunday

The Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon will shut down for good on Sunday. The Macon tourist attraction is closing after fifteen years operating and months of controversy.

Gov. Deal Wants Federal Help For Crop Damage

Governor Nathan Deal has asked the federal government to declare 22 counties disaster areas because of drought conditions.

May Revenue Rise

Georgia revenues crept up 2.5 percent in May, the 11th straight month that tax collections in the state have risen. State money managers reported Wednesday that revenues are up 8 percent for the fiscal year that ends June 30.

As Customers Flee, Latino Grocers Worry

Businesses catering to Hispanics are fearing for their futures as they watch their customer base flee. Georgia's new immigration law is having effects beyond illegal immigrants and the industries where they work.

Survey Finds Widespread Farm Labor Shortages

The Georgia Agribusiness Council says nearly half of the farmers it surveyed don’t have enough workers to harvest their crops. About 130 fruit and vegetable growers, cotton and peanut processors and other agricultural employers responded to a survey on labor needs.

Georgia Cattle Farmers Thin Herds

Georgia’s continuing drought is making it tough for farmers trying to plant and water their crops. The state’s beef producers are struggling as well. At this time of the year cattle typically eat grass growing naturally in the fields. But right now there isn’t any.

Farmers Pray For Rain

Farmers and State agriculture officials are turning to a higher power to make it rain. Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black gathered with more than 100 farmers today to pray.

Trade Fuels Boom Market For Pecan Farmers

Georgia pecan farmers are planting thousands of new trees. It’s all to keep up with a growing demand for their product more than 7,000 miles away in China and they’re not stopping there.

Deal Wants Farm Worker Report

The state is looking into the farm worker shortage in South Georgia. Governor Nathan Deal is asking for a report after the industry complained there aren’t enough workers to pick the crops since the illegal immigration reform law was signed.