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Rural Post Offices May Close

Rural Georgia post offices could close as the U.S. Postal Service shutters locations nationwide due to low revenue. Instead, the USPS plans to open what they call “Village Post Offices”.

Discussion Resumes for Savannah River Port

Georgia and South Carolina port officials have agreed to move forward with studying a proposal to build a shared shipping terminal on the Savannah River.

Long-Term Unemployment Rate Still High

The most recent unemployment numbers from the state labor commission show many Georgians still can’t find work. And about 250,000 residents have been out of work for at least seven months. That’s more than half of the unemployed worker pool.

Fuel Efficient Cars May Change Fuel Tax

Georgia transportation officials are looking at new ways to pay for building and maintaining roads. One idea targets people who drive fuel efficient vehicles.

Georgia Airport Workers Stay Home

336 Federal Aviation Administration employees from the Atlanta-area have been forced to stay home following an imposed furlough. These employees include airport planners, engineers, and specialists from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Savannah Port Sets New Record

Savannah's booming seaport has set another record for the amount of cargo moving through its gates after posting double-digit growth in the past 12 months.

Proposal To Help Boaters, Control Waste

State officials want to make it easier for boaters to stay awhile on Georgia's coast. The Department of Natural Resources is considering new rules for extended-stay boats. Right now, if someone wants to moor a boat in Georgia for more than 30 days, he or she has to ask the DNR.

Drought Shrinks Peanut Supplies

Georgia’s peanut acreage is at its lowest level in 30 years. That, combined with the drought will boost the price of peanut butter. This year many farmers planted cotton instead of peanuts. Prices for cotton were high and there were plenty of peanuts in storage.

Georgia Power Prepared For Heat

A Georgia Power spokeswoman says, the company is experiencing similar energy use and generation patterns as last year, despite this summer's heat. Lynn Wallace says, when temperatures rise, Georgia Power turns on lesser-used power units to meet "peaking" demand.

Georgia 9th In Power Plant Pollution

The Natural Resources Defense Council used industry data to rank state's toxic air pollution from power plants in 2009. Georgia came in 9th between West Virginia and North Carolina.