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GPB News - Innovation

Feds Schedule Vogtle Reactor Approval

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission says a license to build one of the nation's first nuclear power plants in a generation could come by December.

Savannah Area Courts Major Warehouse

Savannah-area officials are courting another giant warehousing firm. If the efforts are successful, the unnamed company would add to the port region's dominance in logistics. Logistics is the business of moving things around.

No Cost-Sharing For Nuclear Plant

In a unanimous vote, utility regulators rejected a plan Tuesday that would have tied Georgia’s Powers profits to its ability to stay within budget for its nuclear expansion project. The Public Service Commission will rely on regular reviews to monitor costs.

Drought Eases Slightly

Despite the dangerously hot weather, drought conditions are actually improving in some parts of the state. The changes are slight but welcome.

Food Recall Expands

A company in Lawrenceville that supplies foods for some retail outlets has recalled numerous products, including sandwiches, parfaits, wraps, plates and salads, because of potential listeria contamination.

Mexico Opens to Southern Peaches

Mexico is reopening its trade markets to southern peaches. The deal comes after years of negotiations but a little late in the season for Georgia growers.

Fish Kill Spawns Second Lawsuit

This year's massive fish kill in the Ogeechee River has spawned a second lawsuit against a Screven County textile factory. The Ogeechee Riverkeeper has filed an intent to sue King American Finishing.

Study Moves Ga-SC Port Forward

Officials working to build a jointly-run Georgia and South Carolina port on the Savannah River will spend the next year looking at what to do with the river's sediment. The dredged clay from the bottom of the Savannah River is expected to save the states millions of dollars.

New Rules for Solar Tax Credits

The state Department of Revenue is trying to make it easier for people applying for solar tax credits. They're taking public comment on new rules. Lawmakers extended the popular program this year and raised the cap to five million dollars.

Salmonella Outbreak In Papayas

Eight Georgians are recovering from salmonella poisoning after eating tainted papayas. A nationwide recall includes the four brands Yaya, Blondie, Mananita,, and Tastylicious. There have been 97 of these salmonella cases in 23 states across the US.