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GPB News - Innovation

Georgia Power Expands Solar Investment

Georgia Power is taking bids for a project that will generate enough solar energy to power 20,000 homes. It’s the company’s largest solar undertaking. The Public Service Commission charged Georgia Power to expand its solar investment earlier this year.

Fisheries Service Protects Sturgeon

US fisheries officials say, they're close to agreeing with other federal agencies on Savannah harbor deepening. Their concerns stem from potential habitat loss for the endangered shortnose sturgeon.

Lawmaker Wants New Hotel Tax Law

A Georgia lawmaker wants to exempt online travel companies from paying local occupancy taxes when they book hotel rooms. The proposed legislation is already getting plenty of pushback from local governments.

WORKING: Promotion Without Pay

Productivity has been a big buzz word during the recent recession and sluggish recovery. So imagine being offered that promotion you have been wanting, complete with more responsibility and maybe even a new title. Sounds good...until you find out there’s no extra money to go with it.

2 More Georgia Banks Close

Regulators have closed two small banks in Georgia, boosting to 70 the number of U.S. bank failures this year.

Georgia Manufacturing Looking Up

Manufacturing in Georgia is looking up after a four month downward spiral according to Don Sabbarese, Director of the Econometric Center at the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University.

Deal Asks For Disaster Declaration

Governor Nathan Deal is asking the federal government to name all but two Georgia counties disaster areas. The request comes following July crop loss reports.

Business Bright For Solar Companies

Three solar manufacturers in the nation have gone belly up in recent months because they can’t keep up with cheaper production in China. But Georgia solar companies are weathering the global market fluctuation favorably...some even benefiting from it.

Government Construction Strong On Coast

Savannah-area sub-contractors are lining up for millions of dollars in government work. Local officials are pressing for the contracts to stay local. Chatham County is building a $70 million jail.

Insurers Seek Higher Rates

Georgia homeowners are likely in line for another round of rate-hikes on their insurance premiums. Several of the state’s largest insurers are asking the Department of Insurance for rate increases.