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Senate Debate Gets Tepid Response

The US Senate is debating legislation to impose sanctions on China for undervaling its currency. While many in Georgia politics are stridently for or against the proposal, many in Georgia business have more complicated views.

Fair Fever Returns to Houston County

The annual Georgia National Fair kicks off its 22nd year in Perry, Georgia Thursday. The event is expected to have economic impact in Middle Georgia and beyond. Michele Treptow is Director of Communications for the fair:

State Probes Prison Contracts

Allegations of conflicts of interest have prompted an investigation into Georgia Department of Corrections contracts.

Medical Premiums On the Rise

Premiums for employer-sponsored healthcare coverage rose 9 percent for families this year. That’s according to an annual survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation. More employees are opting for high-deductible plans and experts say that’s worrying.

Manufacturing Hits Two-Year Low

Georgia manufacturing activity hit its lowest point in nearly two years in September, the result of a drop in production and new orders.

Olives Return To Georgia

Georgia’s first commercial olive harvest since the 1800’s has been turned into olive oil. Growers are already planting thousands of new trees. South Georgia Grower Jason Shaw just got his oil back from a mill in South Texas.

Advocates Look To Solar-Powered Budget

A pair of Southeast Georgia solar energy advocates has a novel idea for cash-strapped counties looking for new revenues. A demonstration project aims to make rural Georgia rich again -- with help from the sun.

SC Denies Savannah Harbor Deepening Permit

Environmental regulators for South Carolina have denied a permit sought by the Army Corps of Engineers to deepen the river channel to Savannah's booming seaport in Georgia.

WORKING: Unemployed Need Not Apply

Georgia’s unemployment rate ticked back into double digits in July and August. It’s been close to 10 percent for at least two years now.

Georgia Capitalizes On Wind Power

A new factory that makes parts for wind turbines opened in north Georgia Tuesday. Although the state has no large-scale wind project of its own, it's capitalizing on the manufacturing end of renewable energy production.