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GPB News - Innovation

Athens Brewer Growing

Athens microbrewery Terrapin is selling a stake of the company to a division of beer giant Miller Coors. The deal will allow Terrapin to double its production capacity.

Tractor Testing At Sunbelt Expo

Starting Tuesday the City of Moultrie, with a population of just over 15,000 will welcome more than 100,000 visitors. They’re coming for the largest agriculture show in the nation.

Jobs Available, No One Qualified

A record number of employers are having a hard time finding workers despite millions on the jobless rolls. The trouble in the coastal area is especially deep in manufacturing and other sectors requiring skilled labor.

WORKING: Playing Favorites

If you’re up for that promotion, some recent research suggests you better be “in” with the boss.

Time To Hoard Peanut Butter?

Right now Georgia peanut farmers are getting their crops out of the ground. Peanut butter producers plan to raise prices next month, but growers won’t walk away with huge profits.

Third Look For Insurance Rejections

A federal agency says Georgia, along with a dozen other states, falls short in offering consumers appeal options when they can’t get health insurance. The states must make fixes by January 1st.

New Life For Old Plant

An Illinois real estate company has purchased the former Cooper Tire and Rubber Company plant in Albany for $8.5 million. Court records say the transaction between Cooper and Hilco Real Estate LLC of North Brook, Illinois, was completed September 29th.

Kroger Recalls Ice Cream With Unlisted Peanuts

Georgia is one of 10 states in which Kroger is recalling ice cream because it may contain peanuts not mentioned on the label.

Bad Assets Plague Savannah Bank

Banking regulators have told a relatively well-performing Savannah bank to reduce its troubled assets. The agreement between the The Savannah Bank and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency reflects just how far Georgia banks have to recover from the Great Recession.

Athens Goes After Panhandlers

Officials in Athens are proposing a new ordinance to crack down on panhandlers in the Classic City’s downtown area.