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AOL-Verizon Merger: The Perfect Match?

Verizon announced this week that it will buy AOL for $4.4 billion dollars. The telecommunications giant says the purchase will allow it to dive deeper into the mobile advertising business. The news also shows how far AOL has come since its disastrous merger with Time Warner in 2001

Suggestions For Smart Summer Science Fiction

The summer movie blockbuster season has officially begun, thanks to last weekend’s release of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Preventing Measles, No Needles Required

A new microneedle patch designed at Georgia Tech could make it easier than ever for people to protect against measles. The tiny patch is administered with just the press of a thumb to the skin. Could this be a game changer for vaccines?

Mercedes Cuts Jobs Before Moving Headquarters To Atlanta

Mercedes-Benz plans to lay off 259 employees as it shifts its U.S. headquarters from New Jersey to Atlanta. The company has alerted state officials it issued pink slips to workers in Montvale, NJ who will be laid off at the end of June. The company plans to move to Georgia on July 1.

New iPhones Mean Ripe Profits For Apple: A Sci-Tech Q&A

A year ago, tech industry observers were wondering if the shine was finally off Apple Computer. Sales were down, the company was taking its time releasing new products, and people were wondering if CEO Tim Cook was up to the task of leading the iconic company.

Solar Power Makes Electricity More Accessible On Navajo Reservation

Most people can't imagine living without smartphones or the Internet, let alone without electricity. But even today even in the United States there are still people who live without lights and refrigeration. Many are Native Americans living on tribal reservations.

At 50 Years Old, The Challenge To Keep Up With Moore's Law

Fifty years ago this week, a chemist in what is now Silicon Valley published a paper that set the groundwork for the digital revolution.

Norway Becoming First Country To Eliminate FM Radio

Norway is going to eliminate FM radio in less than two years, the country's government announced, becoming the first country in the world to do so.
Delta Airlines plane

Delta's 1Q Profit Rises On More Traffic, Lower Fuel Prices

Delta Air Lines Inc. said Wednesday that first-quarter profit more than tripled as passengers flew more and jet fuel prices fell from a year ago. The results were slightly better than analysts expected, and the shares gained in trading before Wall Street's opening bell.

2014 Was An Awful Year For Cyber Security (And Not Just At Home Depot)

Two new reports on cyber security are confirming what many of us suspected about 2014: if you were a so-called black hat hacker, it was a great year. If you were in charge of your company’s security, however, it was a year to forget.