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Solar Power Makes Electricity More Accessible On Navajo Reservation

Most people can't imagine living without smartphones or the Internet, let alone without electricity. But even today even in the United States there are still people who live without lights and refrigeration. Many are Native Americans living on tribal reservations.

At 50 Years Old, The Challenge To Keep Up With Moore's Law

Fifty years ago this week, a chemist in what is now Silicon Valley published a paper that set the groundwork for the digital revolution.

Norway Becoming First Country To Eliminate FM Radio

Norway is going to eliminate FM radio in less than two years, the country's government announced, becoming the first country in the world to do so.
Delta Airlines plane

Delta's 1Q Profit Rises On More Traffic, Lower Fuel Prices

Delta Air Lines Inc. said Wednesday that first-quarter profit more than tripled as passengers flew more and jet fuel prices fell from a year ago. The results were slightly better than analysts expected, and the shares gained in trading before Wall Street's opening bell.

2014 Was An Awful Year For Cyber Security (And Not Just At Home Depot)

Two new reports on cyber security are confirming what many of us suspected about 2014: if you were a so-called black hat hacker, it was a great year. If you were in charge of your company’s security, however, it was a year to forget.

Scientists Release Largest Map Yet Of Dark Matter In The Cosmos

Scientists have released the first of several dark matter maps of the cosmos.
AT&T GigaPower network

AT&T Planning Faster Internet Speeds In Atlanta

AT&T plans to bring faster Internet service to Atlanta. That's according to a Monday announcement from Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. Reed says the GigaPower network provides access to the company's fastest Internet with speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.

'Definite Evidence' Of Alien Life Within 20-30 Years, NASA Chief Scientist Says

There will be "strong indications" of alien life within a decade and "definite evidence" of it within 20 to 30 years, NASA's chief scientist has said.

Hold The Mammal: Daring To Make Dairy-Free Cheese From Nuts

On the fringes of the cheese world, a quest for non-dairy cheese that tastes like the real thing has been underway for years.

A New Internet Domain: Extortion Or Free Speech?

A rash of new Web domain suffixes have popped up in recent years to supplement .com or .net terms such as .bargains or .dating.