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Decision Means More Than 400,000 Georgians Will Keep Coverage

More than 412,000 Georgians can receive tax subsidies designed to make health insurance affordable after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the nationwide assistance on Thursday. Experts say the court's ruling means little will change for people using the federal exchange to buy insurance.

Former Gov. Barnes Reflects On Georgia's Confederate Flag Controversy

In the aftermath of the tragic shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, the controversy over states that continue to display the Confederate battle flag has once again come to the forefront.

The Supreme Court's Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage: What Will It Mean For Georgia?

In a matter of days, the U.S. Supreme Court could strike down same-sex marriage bans in Georgia and a dozen other states. It would be a decision with wide-ranging implications, from wedding planners in Savannah to gay couple who want to divorce.

Waiting to Marry Until Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal In Georgia

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling making same-sex marriage legal in Georgia could come any day. Some couples living here have already decided to go outside the state to get married. But others say waiting to marry at home will be worth it.

Governor: Georgia's Confederate License Plate Should Be Changed

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal says he wants a specialty license plate the state offers featuring the Confederate flag redesigned, after initially telling reporters he wouldn't urge changes.

Savannah Wedding Vendors Gear Up For Same-Sex Marriage

Around the country people are waiting to see how the US Supreme Court will rule on whether states should be required to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. We could have the answer any day now.

Georgia Bans Gay Marriage, But Not Gay Adoption

Georgia's 2004 voter-approved constitutional amendment bans same sex marriage as well as divorce. But there's no Georgia law against same sex adoption.

Are Georgia Courts Ready For Same Sex Marriage?

You can’t blame a Georgian for wondering what will happen here at home should the US Supreme Court throw open the gates for same sex marriage this summer.

Congressman Hank Johnson: No Loaded Guns At Airports

Keeping loaded guns out of airports is the goal of a bill announced Monday by Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson.

Despite Parkinson's Diagnosis, Isakson Will Press On With Re-Election Bid

Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson has announced he has Parkinson’s disease. But the two-term Republican says he’ll continue his quest for re-election next year.