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GPB News - Politics

8th District Race Gets Heated

As the election moves closer the race for the 8th Congressional District is heating up. Republicans are trying to tie incumbent Jim Marshall to Nancy Pelosi.

Indicted Lobbyist Has Ties To Georgia

One of the lobbyists indicted yesterday in Alabama in an alleged bribery scheme to influence lawmakers has ties to Georgia.

Lt. Gov. Candidate Profiles: Cagle vs. Porter

Come November, Georgia voters will decide who will be Lt. Governor of Georgia. The top contenders in the race are the current Lt. Governor Republican Casey Cagle and Democrat Carol Porter. Libertarian Dan Barber is also running for the post.

Students Question Gubernatorial Candidates

In their first televised debate on GPB last night Georgia’s three gubernatorial candidates faced a group of students. While answering mostly questions about education Nathan Deal and Roy Barnes continued their attacks on each other.

Georgia Lawmakers Draft Immigration Law

A group of state lawmakers is working on an immigration bill that is likely to mirror the controversial law passed in Arizona earlier this year. The move has advocates worried that the state’s economy could suffer.

Top Lawmakers Name Immigration Panel

The leaders of the Georgia House and Senate have announced the creation of a 14 member panel to look into Georgia immigration laws ahead of next year's General Assembly.

Georgia Prepared For Federal Teen Driving Law

The Safe Teen and Novice Driver Uniform Protections, or STANDUP Act, would give money to states that put new limits on drivers under the age of 18. Georgia already meets most of the requirements, including a ban on cell phone use for teen drivers.

Three Democrats Want Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

Three Georgia Congressmen signed a letter last week asking Speaker Pelosi for the extension of tax cuts even for the wealthiest American. They’re all Democrats in districts facing Republican challengers with tea party support.

Ballot Question Addresses Business Contracts

Supporters and opponents of little-known ballot questions are trying to get their voices heard as November nears. Of this year's five ballot questions, the first would amend the state constitution to address non-compete contracts.

Feds Could Block Pit Bull Ban

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is meant to help disabled people get the assistance they need. That includes trained dogs for the blind and hearing impaired.