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Savannah Nets Rural Development Funds

A state program designed to help rural areas shift away from tobacco economies has awarded a $7 million grant to a big national corporation based in one of Georgia's large cities. Gulfstream Aerospace is getting the money because officials note the company's statewide impact.

Deal Wants New Reservoirs

Governor-elect Nathan Deal wants the state to focus on building new reservoirs. Deal told lawmakers it should be a priority because a judge’s deadline is looming.

Deal Hints At Priorities

Governor Elect Nathan Deal did not have specifics when he spoke to lawmakers in Athens Tuesday, but he hinted at a few issues that will get his attention.

Two Stores Top 'Crime Guns' List

Two Georgia gun stores are among the nation’s top 10 sources for so-called “crime guns.” The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau data was published by the Washington Post. The report has ignited debate over the spirit versus the letter of gun laws.

State Dems Lose Another To GOP

Middle Georgia lawmaker James “Bubber” Epps Monday became the latest Democrat to jump ship to the state Republican Party. He is the eighth to do so since the general election.

Graves Won't Back Port Earmark

Georgia's newly-minted House Appropriations Committee member says, a ban on Congressional earmarks applies even to the project state officials consider most urgent for jobs. Republican US Congressman Tom Graves says, he will not make an exception for Savannah harbor deepening.

Deal Could Cut Corporate Tax

Growing jobs in Georgia is the centerpiece of Governor-elect Nathan Deal’s plan to fix the state’s economy. But one idea—a cut to the corporate tax rate—is getting plenty of debate.

Graves Gets Appropriations Post

U.S. Rep. Tom Graves has won a spot on the House Appropriations Committee when Congress returns in January. The powerful panel oversees billions of dollars in federal spending. Graves said he would use the post to flex his credentials as a fiscal conservative.

Nunn Reverses On Military Gays

Former Senator Sam Nunn says Congress should repeal the militaries' “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy and allow gay men and women to serve openly in the military. Nunn was instrumental in crafting the original policy.

Farmers Decry Immigration Crackdown

The Georgia Farm Bureau calls itself the “Voice of Georgia’s Farmers.” Now that voice is saying not so fast to state lawmakers who want to create new ‘Arizona Style’ immigration laws.