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Advocates Push Ethics Reform

Ethics Reform Advocates are pushing for limits on lobbyist spending. Interests groups and representatives from both parties lobbied at the capitol today in support of a $100 limit on lobbyist spending.

Sunday Sales To Get GOP Senate Caucus Hearing

Senate Republicans will meet Wednesday to decide whether a bill to allow Sunday sales of alcohol in Georgia will make it to the full Senate for a vote.

Lawmakers Consider Sidewalk Biking Bill

Right now children 12 and under can bike down sidewalks in some parts of the state. Under a bill proposed by representative Doug McKillip, R-Athens, the age limit would be thrown out.

Bills Would Change PSC

Some lawmakers want to make the elected body that regulates utilities in the state more accountable to the public. The Public Service Commission recently approved one of the biggest energy rate hikes in Georgia history.

Immigration Bill: Racial Profiling Concerns

Today the House Judiciary committee heard final testimony on a controversial immigration reform bill.

Proposal Ties University Tuition Hikes to Inflation Rate

A proposed constitutional amendment in the Georgia House would limit tuition increases at the state’s universities to the rate of inflation.

New Push For Trauma Care Funding

There’s a new effort underway at the state Capitol to push for a permanent trauma care network funding source. It’s still connected to vehicle registration fees—but with a twist.

Day-13 General Assembly Roundup

State House lawmakers Thursday passed an $18 billion midyear budget to carry the state through the end of the fiscal year June 30. Republican House Appropriations Chair Terry England says In it, lawmakers restored some cuts, including a popular meals program for seniors.

Divided Savannah Council Rejects Compromise

A bitterly divided Savannah City Council Thursday rejected two compromises that would have delayed hiring a permanent chief executive for the coastal city.

Bill Proposes Separate Public Health Agency

Some lawmakers want to change the Public Health bureaucracy in Georgia. Lawmakers say The Department of Community Health has a different mission than it's division of Public Health.