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Deal Wants To Expand Drug Courts

Governor Nathan Deal is pushing alternative sentencing programs as a way of reducing the prison population. It's all about the cash-strapped state budget. Deal wants more drug courts as a way to keep non-violent offenders out of jail, reducing the need to lock them up.

Bill Would Tighten Water Transfers

Some rural lawmakers in the state house want to make sure water transfers from one river basin to another get more scrutiny from State officials. The move comes after the Department of Natural Resources issued new rules on water tansfer permits.

Bill Calls For Less Time To Vote Early

Some state lawmakers want to shorten the length of time people can vote early from 45 days to 21. The bill has bipartisan support because it would save money. Many smaller counties think it’s a good idea.

No Fed Money For Storm Cleanup

Local cleanup cost totals are coming-in from around the state for the winter storm that hit Georgia three weeks ago. And it does not appear any communities will be in-line for federal reimbursement.

Revenue Glitch Prompts Legislation

A Georgia state senator wants to make it illegal for state agencies to take money from citizen's bank accounts without their permission.

Federal Healthcare Law Rendered Unconstitutional

Georgia was one of the 26 states that filed the federal lawsuit against health care reform. Governor Nathan Deal says the federal judge's decision that the law is unconstituional is not a complete victory.

Ga. Not Likely to Follow Arizona's Footsteps.

State Lawmakers say they will craft illegal immigration legislation that will not draw a federal lawsuit. Georgia is not likely to follow into Arizona's footsteps.

Fees Dash Revenue Hopes

Georgia budget writers expected new fees to generate millions more dollars than they're actually generating. That's the conclusion of a review of state data.

State Democrats In "Very Difficult Spot"

The new head of the state Democratic Party says the group is in “a very difficult spot”. But Mike Berlon says there's a plan in place to rebuild the party's infrastructure and reach in the state.

House Unveils Zero-Based Budget Bill

A new bill requiring zero-based budgeting will be introduced in the state House today. The move comes after the state Senate last week overrode a veto of former Governor Sonny Perdue on a similar measure. At issue is whether the vetoed bill would be legal.