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Task Force Tackles State's Water Supply

A state task force formed to find new water sources met for the first time Monday. Georgia is under pressure to expand its water options.

Virtual School Rally at Capitol

Hundreds of students and families rallied at the capitol today in support of letting Georgia students go to school online. The state legislature created virtual charter schools in 2008. Students learn over the Internet, and their academics are overseen by a state-licensed teacher.

State Legislators Begin Final 10 Days of Session

State legislators on Monday embark on the final 10 days of this year’s legislative session. The House and Senate will spend this week reviewing the bills that have already passed one chamber.

Census Details Today's Georgia

Georgia's rural population is shrinking, according to the U.S. Census.

Forecasting Session's Final 10 Days

With Wednesday's long legislative day known as Crossover Day now past, state lawmakers roll-up their sleeves for the final 10 working days of the 40-day General Assembly.

Trauma Care Among Dead Bills

Crossover Day at the Capitol included dozens of bills considered by lawmakers well into the evening. And for many pieces of legislation, their run ended on Wednesday.

Airline Tax Breaks OK'd by House

House members were busy on Wednesday’s crossover day handling many bills before the midnight deadline. Two bills to extend tax breaks for the airline industry passed through the House Wednesday. House members voted yes to a partial gas tax exemption for Atlanta-based Delta Airlines.

Alcohol, Gun Bills Pass Senate

A bill that would let communities legalize Sunday alcohol sales at stores passed the Senate on Wednesday. The lengthy debate in the Senate produced some surprising comments.

Senate Passes Abortion Lawsuit Bill

Women who seek abortions would be able to sue a clinic if it violates state regulations under a bill the state Senate passed Wednesday. The measure would establish a woman’s right to sue even if she consented to the procedure. The bill passed 36 to 16.

State Senate OKs Guns in Church

The state Senate Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a bill to allow licensed gun owners to carry weapons in church. The bill would allow guns in churches as long as congregations give the okay. The bill's supporters say, churches should have the same rights as other property owners.