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Senate Passes Abortion Lawsuit Bill

Women who seek abortions would be able to sue a clinic if it violates state regulations under a bill the state Senate passed Wednesday. The measure would establish a woman’s right to sue even if she consented to the procedure. The bill passed 36 to 16.

State Senate OKs Guns in Church

The state Senate Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a bill to allow licensed gun owners to carry weapons in church. The bill would allow guns in churches as long as congregations give the okay. The bill's supporters say, churches should have the same rights as other property owners.

Gov. Deal Supports Alternative Sentencing

Lawmakers Wednesday took the first step toward overhauling Georgia's criminal justice system. The House voted to create a panel to study the state's tough sentencing laws.

Proposed Bill to Send 9-1-1 Fees Back to Local Communities

A bill that would send 9-1-1 fees back to local communities has a chance to pass this legislative session. The House approved the measure Monday.

GOP Holds Off On Healthcare Bill

State Republicans have caved to pressure from opponents of federal health care reform. Wednesday, GOP leaders pulled a bill from the House floor that would have fulfilled one of law's requirements. The state will not create a health care exchange this year.

Sunday Alcohol Sales Clears Senate

Legislation to allow voters to decide whether alcohol could be sold by retailers in their communities on Sundays has been passed by the state Senate. The vote was 32-22 to approve, following three hours of debate.

Sunday Sales To Get Senate Vote

The Sunday alcohol sales bill is scheduled for a vote in the state Senate Wednesday. It's a last gasp for the legislation, as today represents crossover day--the final day for a bill to pass one chamber to have a chance to become law.

Crossover Day Arrives

Today is crossover day at the state Capitol. That’s when bills must pass either chamber or won’t have a chance to become law until next year. Already, most of the big issues have made it across.

Sunday Alcohol Sales Revived For Vote

The Sunday alcohol sales bill is scheduled for a vote in the state Senate on Wednesday. If the bill does not pass, it will be dead for this legislative session.

Military Parents Bill Heads To House

The State Senate has unanimously passed a bill designed to protect military parents from losing custody of their children. The Georgia Military Parents Rights Act now heads to the House for consideration.