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Doctors Fear Medicaid Reimbursement Cuts

Some Georgia doctors are girding themselves for another reduction in the Medicaid reimbursement rate. Lawmakers proposed the cut as part of the 2012 budget. Doctors worry it may further drive down their numbers from rural areas.

Busy Courts Won't Close

Federal courts in Georgia's busy Northern District will remain open next week if the federal government shuts down.

Revised Plan Opens $220 Million Hole

A revised tax reform plan would create a large funding gap in the state budget next year. That’s according to a report by the state auditor. The plan would give nearly every Georgian a tax cut.

Macon-Bibb Consolidation Stalls, Again

Two legislative measures lay out plans to consolidate Macon and Bibb County under one government. But Macon House members are tabling both bills.

Ethics Commission Lightens Lobbyists Disclosures

The state ethics commission says, lobbyists can spend undisclosed sums of money on most state employees.The decision Tuesday comes after high-speed rail advocates sent Georgia's House Speaker, his family and staff to Europe last year.

Savannah Council Broke Meeting Laws

The state Attorney General's office says, Savannah City Council broke open meeting laws when it met in secret. Attorney General Sam Olens wants to change those laws to give elected officials more leeway in hiring decisions.

Funding Plan Worries Domestic Violence Shelters

Some domestic violence shelters in the state are worried they will lose funding to serve everyone who needs their services. That’s because the state wants federal funds alone to support the shelters and the shelters say federal money could come with more restrictions.

Senior Advocates Push For Care Choice

Advocates for the elderly are getting nervous about the fate of legislation that would let residents of assisted living homes stay there longer. The bill easily passed the Senate, but with three days left in the General Assembly, the House has yet to vote on it.

Georgia Voter ID Law Approved

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp says the U.S. Department of Justice has approved Georgia's requirement for new voter registration applicants to provide evidence of U.S. citizenship.

Lawmakers Off From Session This Week

The state Capitol will be quiet this week, at least from official General Assembly activity. But lawmakers will have lots to do once they return next Monday for the final three days of the Session.