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Dems Hear Sympathetic Voices On Bills

Democratic state lawmakers heard almost exclusively from speakers opposed to new state immigration laws as they brought their special committee to Savannah this weekend. The panel is a Democratic version of an all-Republican one that met last year.

Tax Plan Might Need Voter OK

Georgia voters might have to weigh in on a proposal to restructure the state’s tax system.

Sunshine Laws Revamp Pushed To '12

A move to re-write Georgia’s sunshine laws will not happen this Legislative session. Instead, the bills’ backers will take more time to craft the measure.

House OK's Budget Plan

The House has approved an $18.25 billion spending plan that boosts health insurance premiums for state employees and teachers by 20 percent but also restores some money for school nurses and low-income Medicaid recipients.

General Assembly Day-27 Roundup

HOPE Plan Ready For Deal's Signature - Legislation to revamp the HOPE scholarship has made it through the General Assembly, and will get the signature of Governor Nathan Deal next week.

Bill Would Allow Cities to Charge Fees for Vacant Properties

Georgia cities may soon get some state help with dilapidated properties. The state Senate passed a bill Thursday allowing cities to create registries of vacant and foreclosed properties. The empty homes often become eyesores and lower property values.

Senate Opens Politics To Utilities

The state Senate passed a bill that would allow utilities to make political contributions. The bill’s proponents say continuing to keep entities such as power companies out of politics violates a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision.

University Fights For Cancer Research

The president of Georgia Health Sciences University in Augusta wants lawmakers to put funding for the institution’s cancer research back into the state budget.

House To Vote On Budget

The $18.25 billion spending plan expected to be up for a full house vote Friday has some changes from Governor Nathan Deal’s proposal. The budget had to account for a loss of some billion dollars in federal stimulus funds for education and Medicaid.

General Assembly Day-26 Roundup

HOPE Passes Senate - The Georgia Senate on Wednesday passed a bill dramatically overhauling the cash-strapped HOPE scholarship program. The bill is part of Gov. Nathan Deal's plan to keep lottery programs like HOPE and prekindergarten from going broke. It passed 35-20.