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State Tax Reform Plan At Impasse

State lawmakers are at an impasse over a tax reform plan. And they have decided to take another week to resolve their differences. They will reconvene after Spring break and take up the issue again, in an attempt to break the impasse.

Music Hall Of Fame Board Rejects All Bids

The Georgia Music Hall of Fame Authority Board today/Thursday rejected all four cities wanting to host the museum. But, the door remains open for the City of Macon.

Tax Reform Negotiations Continue

State lawmakers were unable to come to an agreement Wednesday evening on a tax reform plan, so work will continue Thursday.

House Approves Booster Seat Changes

The House has approved legislation that would require six and seven year-old's to use booster car seats. Currently, the law applies to children under age six. The House approved the bill by a vote of 128-32. Children over 4 feet, 9 inches tall or over 40 pounds are exempt.

Budget Includes Money to Study Raising Lake Lanier

The state senate passed a budget Wednesday that includes two million dollars to study raising the water level of Lake Lanier. Republican Senator Butch Miller is from Gainesville where Lake Lanier sits. He says raising the pool two feet would help the region’s water needs.

Vote on Tax Reform Plan Stalled

State lawmakers were unable to come to an agreement Wednesday on a tax reform plan.

Black Leaders Sue Over New Cities

A new lawsuit says, Georgia is fencing out black voters with newly-created white-majority cities in Atlanta's suburbs.

Tax Reform Vote Pending

A legislative committee approved a tax reform plan that would lower the income tax rate and leave groceries untaxed.

Reports Cast Doubt On Drug Courts

Two new reports are casting doubt on whether creating more drug courts in the state will save taxpayers money. One of them comes from public radio's This American Life. Host Ira Glass profiled the Glynn County drug court run by Judge Amanda Williams.

Sex Trade Bill Heads to Deal's Desk

The Senate has unanimously approved legislation that overhauls the way Georgia treats sex traffickers by imposing higher fines and stiffer sentences while also offering new treatment options to people who could be victims of the sex slave trade.