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Bill Would Promote Land Conservation

A bill that encourages land conservation awaits the governor’s signature. It would allow landowners to sell their tax credit to companies.

Macon Approves Smoking Ban

The Macon City Council has voted to tighten the rules on smoking. The council voted 9-6 for the new rules Tuesday night.

Tax Breaks’ Benefit Unclear

The 2012 state budget includes tax breaks for manufacturers of airplane parts, developers, and Delta Air Lines. But it’s unclear if they will save or create jobs.

Savannah Council Pays Member $50K

Savannah city council members paid one of their own $50,000 for flood damage. Many of the council member's claims fell outside a legal time limit for getting paid. Like others in her neighborhood, Mary Osborne's house gets flooded in a bad rain.

Scott Gets Earful From Constituents

After his first 100 days in Congress freshman Representative Austin Scott is back meeting with constituents in the 8th District. Most of the 60 people that showed up for today’s Town Hall meeting in Macon had one thing on their minds. Nearly every question centered on the federal budget.

Nuclear Equipment Heading To Japan

Thousands of dollars of nuclear equipment at the Savannah River Site near Augusta is nearly ready for shipment to Japan. Officials with the U.S. Department of Energy say it will help the country deal with radiation leaking from its tsunami-damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

Ga. Senate Looks to Heal After Fractured Session

In November, Georgians elected a lieutenant governor. In January, they got nine, after a power struggle among Senate Republican leaders.

Judge Defends Court Under Glass' Lens

A South Georgia Superior Court Judge is speaking out about charges made by public radio's Ira Glass. Glynn County Judge Amanda Williams' defense doesn't satisfy some critics, who say her drug court is too punitive.

Deal Will Sign Immigration Bill

Governor Nathan Deal says he will sign a controversial immigration measure headed to his desk. The bill allows police officers to check the immigration status of people stopped for traffic violations. It also forces many companies to check the citizenship of new hires.

Lawmakers Return This Summer

Lawmakers finished up this year’s legislative session late Thursday night. But they will be back at the state Capitol this summer for a special session on redistricting. And Gov. Nathan Deal will decide what else is on the agenda.