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Airplane Tax Break Awaits Gov.'s OK

A bill on its way to the governor's desk extends a sales tax exemption on airplane parts. But an amendment to the measure also gives tax breaks to developers of malls, amusement parks and resorts. Some economists say that's a waste of taxpayer money.

Lawmakers Rush Through Final Day

Sine Die is here. Day 40 of the 40-day General Assembly session is underway from the state Capitol. And it’s the final day for lawmakers to pass bills that would then be sent to the Governor's desk for his signature.

Redistricting Prompts Partisan Debate

A state Senate committee on redistricting met for the first time Wednesday to discuss the process of redrawing legislative maps from the new census data. But, partisan bickering about the legitimacy of the process dominated the meeting.

Lawmakers Stuck on Immigration

Lawmakers have just one day to sort out their differences over an illegal immigration reform measure. A major sticking point is whether to require employers to verify their new hires are here legally.

General Assembly Day-39 Roundup

State lawmakers worked into late Tuesday evening on the next to last day of the General Assembly session. Movement on a Sunday alcohol sales bill, immigration, and the state budget was included on Tuesday's agenda. The final day of the Session is Thursday.

Governor Will Approve Sunday Sales

A bill that would allow communities to decide if they want local stores to sell alcohol on Sundays is heading to the Governor's desk. The bill survived many hurdles before passing in the state House late Tuesday.

House Closes Ethics Loophole

An 11th-hour proposal to close an ethics loophole exempting lobbyists from disclosing what they spend on gifts to staff members of elected officials has passed a House committee with the backing of Speaker David Ralston.

House OK's Assisted Living Home Bill

The House has approved legislation that would allow more of Georgia's elderly to reside in assisted-living facilities, rather than nursing homes. Lawmakers OK'd the bill by a vote of 172-1 on Tuesday.

Bill Restricts Decongestant Drug Purchases

A bill passed by the House Tuesday would restrict the sale of the decongestant pseudoephedrine to only pharmacies in Georgia. The decongestant is a key ingredient in the illegal drug methamphetamine -- the use of which has become a growing problem in the state.

FY 2012 Budget Ready

Georgia legislators have agreed to an $18.3 billion budget that pours additional state money into tax investigators, Medicaid and domestic violence shelters.