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Ralston Pays-Up On Late Tax Bill

House Speaker David Ralston has paid about $1,300 in late taxes due on a property owned by his wife.

Texting Ban Proves Hard To Enforce

Sending or reading text messages while behind the wheel has been illegal here since July of last year. Violators are fined up to $100 and given one point on their driver’s license.

No Way To Move The Date of Transportation Sales Tax Vote

A referendum on a proposed transportation sales tax will take place next summer. Some officials have expressed a desire to move the vote to the November general election. But changing the date won’t be easy.

Crop Losses Could Top $1B

An agriculture industry group estimates a shortage of migrant labor may wind up costing Georgia fruit and vegetable farmers $300 million in crop losses. Officials worry the total economic impact will be even greater if crops from the next harvest are lost.

Macon Man Supplying Iranian Military

A Macon man is among seven people charged for illegally selling military aircraft parts to Iran. The indictments come following a two year federal investigation.

Georgia Debuts New Execution Drug

A death row inmate convicted of killing a 78-year-old Savannah woman is set to become the first person in Georgia executed using a new lethal injection drug.

Some Ex-Cons Spurn Farm Work

Some probationers don’t want farm jobs. That’s according to state Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black. It was only a week ago when Black said ex-cons could help ease a farm labor shortage.

Runoff For NE Ga. District Seat

Republican Chuck Williams and Democrat Dan Matthews will meet in a runoff for an open seat in the state House of Representatives.

Rep. Barrow Faces Prostate Cancer

A Georgia congressman says he'll undergo treatment for prostate cancer after being diagnosed at an early stage of the disease.

Senate Democrats Elect New Leaders

Senate Democrats are touting a unified, harmonious party after the election of two new leaders.