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Texting Ban Proves Hard To Enforce

Sending or reading text messages while behind the wheel has been illegal here since July of last year. Violators are fined up to $100 and given one point on their driver’s license.

No Way To Move The Date of Transportation Sales Tax Vote

A referendum on a proposed transportation sales tax will take place next summer. Some officials have expressed a desire to move the vote to the November general election. But changing the date won’t be easy.

Crop Losses Could Top $1B

An agriculture industry group estimates a shortage of migrant labor may wind up costing Georgia fruit and vegetable farmers $300 million in crop losses. Officials worry the total economic impact will be even greater if crops from the next harvest are lost.

Macon Man Supplying Iranian Military

A Macon man is among seven people charged for illegally selling military aircraft parts to Iran. The indictments come following a two year federal investigation.

Georgia Debuts New Execution Drug

A death row inmate convicted of killing a 78-year-old Savannah woman is set to become the first person in Georgia executed using a new lethal injection drug.

Some Ex-Cons Spurn Farm Work

Some probationers don’t want farm jobs. That’s according to state Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black. It was only a week ago when Black said ex-cons could help ease a farm labor shortage.

Runoff For NE Ga. District Seat

Republican Chuck Williams and Democrat Dan Matthews will meet in a runoff for an open seat in the state House of Representatives.

Rep. Barrow Faces Prostate Cancer

A Georgia congressman says he'll undergo treatment for prostate cancer after being diagnosed at an early stage of the disease.

Senate Democrats Elect New Leaders

Senate Democrats are touting a unified, harmonious party after the election of two new leaders.

Judge Delays Immigration Ruling

A federal judge held off on ruling on a request by civil liberties groups to block Georgia's law cracking down on illegal immigration from taking effect until a legal challenge has been resolved.