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GPB News - Politics

Macon Primary Election Turns Ugly

On Tuesday people in Macon will elect primary candidates for mayor and several members of city council. The nasty tone of the campaigns is drawing criticism from unlikely places.

'Caylee's Law' Gains Traction

Georgia is among more than 15 states considering a law that would make it a felony not to report a missing child.

Kemp Visits Disputed Border

Secretary of State Brian Kemp traveled to the banks of the Ocmulgee River today to get a firsthand look at a disputed border. But, he is still hoping Bibb and Monroe County officials can resolve the issue on their own.

Isakson: 'Debt Deal Is Possible'

Georgia U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson says “a deal is possible” out of the debt reduction talks going on in Washington.

Farm Groups Study Labor Shortage

Agriculture groups are launching a study of this spring’s labor shortage. They say the state’s new immigration law may have scared off migrant workers. The groups want to know the impact a smaller workforce had on harvest size.

Revenue Gains Close Fiscal Year

The state finished the last fiscal year with net revenue increases in every month.

New Congressional District A Political Prize

Georgia will gain a new Congressional district this year. That’s because the state added 1.5 million residents in the last decade. State lawmakers will determine the 14th district’s boundaries at a special legislative session in August.

New Hurdles For Transportation Tax

Voters in some parts of the state could withdraw support for a 1-cent transportation sales tax as certain high-priority projects disappear from regional short lists.

Recyclers Wield Rarely-Used Power

Recycling advocates in Savannah's Chatham County say, they have enough signatures to force a vote on curbside recycling. The petitioners are taking advantage of a rarely-used power in the Georgia Constitution. The state allows citizens to repeal or amend certain local laws.

Bulloch Co. To Vote On Sunday Sales

Bulloch County Commissioners have decided to put a Sunday alcohol sales referendum on the ballot this fall. The referendum on Nov. 8 applies only to package sales of malt beverages and wine. Liquor can be purchased in the county only in restaurants with a license to pour.