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Georgia DOT Watching Washington

Last year Georgia got 1.2 billion dollars in federal transportation funds. But a new bill in the U.S. House would cut that funding by 34-percent.

Lawmakers Adopt Redistricting Rules

State lawmakers met Wednesday to adopt guidelines for how to redistrict the state. They’re redrawing political regions to reflect population shifts since the last census.

Nearly 30,000 Same-Sex Couples In Ga.

US Census figures show, the number of couples identifying themselves as living in same-sex households in Georgia is on the rise. Statistics released Thursday show the number has grown by 55%.

Videotape Stymies Execution

The attorney general's office is seeking to halt the video recording of a Georgia execution scheduled for Thursday.

Georgia Combats Rising Obesity

Georgia’s obesity rate is on the rise according to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control. The report released this week shows that in 2010 more than 30 percent of Georgians were obese. That’s an increase of 3 percentage points over the previous year.

Inmate Set For Execution

A federal judge has rejected a request for a stay of execution by a Georgia inmate claiming the state's plan to use a new lethal injection drug would cause him needless pain and suffering.

Williams Wins District Seat

A Republican businessman from Oconee County is headed to the legislature to represent State House District 113.

Macon Mayoral Race Heads To Runoff

Macon's mayoral race is headed for a runoff on August 16th. None of the four candidates got 50-percent of the vote.

Lawyers Fight Looming Execution

Lawyers for a Georgia man set to be put to death on Wednesday have filed a lawsuit seeking to halt his execution, saying the drug authorities plan to use caused "needless suffering" when it was administered to another death row inmate.

Debt Deal Could Hit State Budget

Political experts say, the rancorous debate over the federal debt limit is likely to end with more budget pain for states like Georgia. Any deal to raise the limit is likely to be paired with spending cuts.