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Ethics Chair Won't Resign

The chairman of Georgia's ethics commission says he won't resign. A complaint was filed alleging Patrick Millsaps is illegally serving on the commission, citing state law which says that members of the panel may not serve more than one complete term.

AG Wants to Overhaul Sunshine Law

Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens wants a revamped state Sunshine law that would stiffen penalties and increase enforcement. He spoke Thursday at the Atlanta Press Club about changes he has proposed.

Counties Weigh Water Project Options

Georgia cities and counties could have a harder time finding money to build big water and sewer projects. Declining tax revenues are only part of the problem. Property tax digests are falling, leaving counties in a budget lurch.

FAA Shutdown Stymies Planning

Congress’s failure to extend the Federal Aviation Administration’s funding has blocked some airport projects. And the lack of a long-term funding agreement for the FAA is limiting airport directors’ ability to plan.

Ga. Delegation Divided On Debt Debate

Georgia’s Congressional delegation appears divided on whether to vote for the debt resolution plan being re-worked in the U.S. House.

What To Do With Nuclear Waste?

A federal panel today released findings that could affect the storage of spent nuclear fuel at the Savannah River Site near Augusta.

Governor Deal Watching Washington

As lawmakers in Washington continue to negotiate over the federal budget, Governor Nathan Deal has ordered his staff to come up with a plan in the event of deep spending cuts. Many federal dollars are at stake for Georgia.

HB 87 Having Unintended Consequences

Agriculture and hospitality industry officials told state Senators Wednesday that the new immigration bill continues to hurt Georgia companies. One official said some businesses are beginning to avoid hiring people with ethnic last names.

Rep. Franklin Dead at 56

A conservative state lawmaker known for his plethora of “no” votes has died. Rep. Bobby Franklin was found dead at his home in Marietta. He was 56. Franklin was elected to the statehouse in 1996.

White, Minority Wealth Gap Widens

A Pew Research Center study shows the wealth gap between whites and minority residents in the U.S. widened sharply during the Recession. The finding is especially notable in Georgia, where the minority population is large and growing.