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Water War Inches Toward Supreme Court

Alabama is asking the US Supreme Court to take up the decades-long tri-state water dispute after a federal court in Atlanta decided not to rehear the case.

Lawmakers Late On Tax Payments

About a fifth of Georgia's state lawmakers have failed to pay their taxes on time.

Bill Challenges Federal Regulations

Georgia U.S. Senators Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss are among Senate Republicans pushing for a one-year moratorium on new federal regulations. They say the new rules will stifle business.

New 'Gang' Tackles National Deficit

Washington’s Gang of Six has swelled to 34. US Senator Republican Saxby Chambliss of Georgia is leading a new bi-partisan coalition of senators with a mission to reduce the 14 trillion dollar national deficit.

State Black Caucus Meets In Savannah

Georgia's black legislative caucus is meeting in Savannah through Saturday. The all-Democratic group is looking past this summer's contentious special session on redistricting to work with Republican leaders.

Tea Party Against Transportation Tax

Georgia’s Tea Party is continuing its effort to thwart a vote on a transportation sales tax. Last month, it helped to stifle a proposal to move the vote from next July to next November. Now, the political group says it’s against the vote entirely, and its opinion could sway a lot of voters.

Another Partial Shutdown of the FAA?

Georgia Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss is supporting the U.S. Senator holding up debate on a funding extension to the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA could face another partial shutdown if Congress doesn’t pass the measure by midnight Friday.

Separate Transportation Sales Tax Campaigns

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce will coordinate distinct regional marketing campaigns for next year’s transportation sales tax vote. Officials overseeing the campaigns will also be seeking private funds to bankroll them.

Town Explores First Lady's Roots

Tourism may be looking up for a Clayton County city in the near future. Research has shown that first lady Michelle Obama has family ties to Rex, 15 miles south of Atlanta.

97 Communities Pick Sunday Sales Vote

A tally by the Georgia Food Industry Association finds that 97 cities and counties throughout Georgia are set to hold Sunday sales referendums during the November general election later this year. The group said the votes represent about 2.5 million Georgians.