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Citizens Demand Ogeechee Oversight

People living along the Ogeechee River in South Georgia are demanding third party oversight of the waterway. They don’t trust the Environmental Protection Division to oversee a company that was illegally polluting the river for years.

Georgia High Court Upholds Execution Stay

The Georgia Supreme Court Wednesday rejected a motion by prosecutors who want the execution of a convicted murderer to go forward.

Survey Documents Crop Losses

A University of Georgia survey estimates that the state’s fruit and vegetable farmers saw at least $70 million in crop losses in the spring.

Johnson Gets Stay Of Execution

An Albany court is granting a stay of execution to a man set to be executed Wednesday. Defense attorneys will have the chance to go over additional DNA evidence.

Top Justice Will Step Down

Presiding Justice George Carley will leave the Georgia Supreme Court in July 2012, handing Gov. Nathan Deal a chance to name a replacement to the state's highest court.

Deal Names New State Treasurer

Gov. Nathan Deal has promoted Deputy State Treasurer Steve McCoy to the top post and appointed a state senator to replace him. McCoy replaces Tommy Hills, who announced his retirement last month.

Could Cain Have Palin Effect?

Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain is gaining visibility. His surprise Florida straw poll win last month shows he’s still in the game. And he may have a role to play whether he gets the GOP presidential nomination or not.

Conservative Primer for Legislative Session

Conservative thinkers gathered in Atlanta Friday to discuss ways to solve Georgia’s economic challenges.

Gov. Rick Perry Visits Atlanta

Texas Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Perry spoke in Atlanta Friday at a conservative policy conference. He touched on some of the same themes that have catapulted him to the front of the Republican pack.

Immigration Panel Begins Work

Georgia’s new immigration panel met in Atlanta for the first time Thursday. The seven-member group will review complaints from registered citizens about how public agencies are enforcing the state’s immigration law.