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The Party of Georgia's Future?

Republican lawmakers drew redistricting maps this summer that solidify their majority in the state legislature. But Georgia’s changing demographics won’t guarantee that majority forever. If Republicans want to stay in power, they’ll have to woo Blacks, Asians and Latinos.

Georgia Congressmen Push Health Care Bills

A group of Republican members of Congress is working to pick apart the nation’s health care law. That group includes three Georgia congressmen.

State Senate Seat Qualifying To Open

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp has announced qualifying dates for candidates seeking a state Senate seat in west Georgia. Kemp says qualifying for the Nov. 8 election to fill Senate district 28 will open at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning and close at noon Wednesday.

Can Georgia Ban Guns In Church?

Gun rights group wants a U.S. appeals court to overturn a state ban on guns in places of worship. The sides made their cases to a federal appeals court last week.

Health Care Waiver Decision Delayed

The US Health and Human Services Department will take another 30 days to decide whether Georgia can phase in a key provision of health care reform more slowly. Georgia's top insurance official wants Georgia exempt from a part of the law until 2014.

Redistricting Maps Go to Court

Georgia officials said Thursday they will seek approval from a federal court for new state and congressional district maps drawn by the Republican-controlled state legislature. The state will also simultaneously submit them to the U.S. Department of Justice for review.

Jail Mail Goes ‘Postcards Only’

Authorities say inmates at the Troup County Jail can no longer receive enveloped letters from loved ones. The policy went into effect Saturday.

Civil Rights Leader Dead At 90

Civil rights leader the Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, who was hailed by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. for his courage and energy, has died. He was 89. Princeton Baptist Medical Center spokeswoman Jennifer Dodd confirms he died at the Birmingham hospital Wednesday morning.

Guns In Churches Ban Challenged

A federal appeals court is set to consider whether Georgia's ban on guns in places of worship is constitutional. The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta will hear arguments Thursday on whether the 2010 law violates the First Amendment's religious freedom protections.

Wall Street Protest Moves South

As the “Occupy Wall Street” protest moves into its third week in New York City, the movement is spreading to other parts of the U.S., including Georgia. “Occupy” movements have sprung up in Athens, Atlanta, Columbus and Savannah.