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Ag. Commissioner Wants Reform in Washington

A report, released by the Georgia Department of Agriculture Tuesday confirms that some Georgia farmers lacked enough workers last spring, and sustained crop losses as a result. Officials say the state’s new immigration law played a role but they’re looking to Washington for the solution.

Bill To Bar Immigrant Students

Some Georgia lawmakers want to toughen the state’s stance on illegal immigrants in public colleges and universities. A bill before the state legislature would widen a ban approved last year. The Board of Regents already has barred illegal immigrants from certain in-demand schools.

Former Rep. Ed Jenkins Dies

Former U.S. Rep. Ed Jenkins, a Democrat who represented Georgia in Congress for 16 years, has died after a long illness. He was 78. Janice Jenkins said early Monday that her father died Sunday afternoon at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta.

Budget Cuts Threaten Death Row Cases

Some Georgia death row inmates could lose their attorneys amid budget cuts that could potentially halt appeals hearings and even delay executions.

Ports Ask Lawmakers For $46 Million

Georgia ports officials are asking state lawmakers for $46 million in new money to deepen the Savannah harbor. The request is one of many the legislature will consider during its upcoming session.

Georgia Strives To Be Competitive

State officials will soon release details of an ongoing competitiveness initiative. The plan is likely to include wide-ranging recommendations, but the aim is simply to create jobs.

Women Mayors on the Rise in Georgia

Voters in Albany and Savannah elected female mayors this year. They join Columbus and Athens as major Georgia cities led by women. When Dorothy Hubbard takes the oath of office on January 9, she will be Albany’s first female mayor.

Unemployment Benefit Changes Afoot

Georgians who lose their jobs next year could see smaller unemployment checks. Cutting back benefits would be part of the state’s plan to re-pay $700 million it borrowed from the federal government to cover unemployment reserves.

Outgoing Board Member Criticizes Deal

An outgoing member of Georgia's Department of Natural Resources Board says, Governor Nathan Deal is forcing him out for not rubber-stamping a pro-development agenda. Newnan insurance agent Warren Budd pushed DNR officials to respond when a fish kill soiled the Ogeechee River.

Counties Enforce Immigration Law

Georgia cities and counties are preparing to comply with the state’s new immigration law. That will mean proving, among other things, they aren’t issuing contracts to companies that employ illegal immigrants. Some of the law’s provisions go into effect this weekend.