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Budget Cuts Will Continue

Gov. Nathan Deal’s 2013 spending plan is about 4 percent larger than the revised 2012 budget. That reflects increased tax revenues. But state officials told lawmakers Thursday, there'll be no reprieve from budget cuts next year.

Athens Lawmaker Targets Constitution

Lawmakers gathered at the State Capitol Thursday to introduce Senate Resolution 673. The resolution petitions Congress to call a convention to propose a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. constitution.

State Agencies Deal With Cuts

State legislators continued to hold budget hearings on Gov. Nathan Deal’s 2013 spending plan Wednesday. Most state agencies are dealing with two percent budgets cuts. And that often means doing the same amount of work with less money.

State Senators Unveil Legislative Agendas

Republican and Democratic state senators unveiled their legislative agendas this week and at first glance, there are many similarities. But the two sides have very different ideas about how government should help Georgians prosper.

Court Wants Death Penalty Clerk

The Georgia Supreme Court is asking state lawmakers to fund a new clerk who would only work capital cases. Chief Justice Carol Hunstein on Wednesday urged lawmakers to approve the request for about $80,000 to hire a new capital case docket clerk for those cases.

Savannah Council Seeks Own Auditor

Members of Savannah's city council want to take financial auditing out of their city manager's authority. While the idea isn't unusual, it is the result of a tumultuous period in city politics.

State Seeks Overseas Voters

State election officials are hoping more Georgians living overseas will vote in the upcoming GOP presidential primary election. Secretary of State Brian Kemp brought that message to soldiers at Robins Air Force Base.

Senate Democrats Unveil Priorities

Voting, taxes and ethics are among the issues Georgia's Senate Democrats say they are focused on this legislative session.

Lawmakers Focus On Budget

State legislators began hearings on the 2013 budget Tuesday. They will hold meetings on the Governor's spending proposal for the rest of the week. Gov. Nathan Deal reiterated that his budget plan calls for modest spending increases.

Zero-Based Budgeting Resurfaces

In his 2013 budget proposal, Gov. Nathan Deal is using zero-based budgeting for 10 percent of state programs for the first time. It requires departments to justify every dollar they spend. Zero-based budgeting has interested some Georgia officials since the 1970s.