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New Food Stamp Bill In Works

A state Senate committee met Monday to discuss a bill that would require people on food stamps who haven’t graduated from high school to take educational training.

Video: Turkish-American Day at Georiga State Capitol

Lawmakers paid homage to the country of Turkey at the state capital today. The event included traditional Turkish fare and cultural performances. The annual Turkish-American day highlights the growing economic relationship between Turkey and Georgia.

Second Charter School Vote Wednesday

Lawmakers have introduced a bill that sets how the state could pay for charter schools. It’s a companion bill to a GOP-backed charter school constitutional amendment that, despite persistent opposition, is expected to have a second vote in the House Wednesday.

Bill Prompts Abortion Debate

As a Republican lawmaker seeks to tighten rules on when a woman can get an abortion, a Democratic lawmaker is protesting the move by introducing a bill limiting vasectomies.

Drug Tests Met With Opposition

There was a senate hearing Monday on giving drug tests to Georgians on welfare. Senator John Albers of North Fulton County says requiring welfare recipients to pass a drug test would keep struggling parents away from illegal drugs:

Bill Would Legalize Living On Boats

A coastal lawmaker has introduced legislation to legalize living aboard boats. The bill would overturn a move by state environmental officials aimed at keeping human waste from Georgia's protected coastal waters.

Ga. Again Debates Tapping Tenn. Water

Once again, Georgia lawmakers are debating whether they can pipe water from the Tennessee River to fix a water shortage in metro Atlanta.

Ga. Republican Debate Cancelled

The head of Georgia's Republican Party said she will have to work hard to maintain grassroots momentum among voters after most of the GOP presidential field pulled out of a scheduled debate in Atlanta ahead of Super Tuesday.

Senate Rules: The Road To Kill The Ethics Bill?

The Senate Ethics reform package which would place a $100 gift cap on lobbyist gifts to legislators is now in the hands the Senate Rules Committee. But ethics watchdog groups say that’s a way to stall, if not kill, the bill altogether.

Charter School Bill Compromise

State Republicans and Democrats say they’ve reached a compromise on a controversial charter school bill. The new version of the constitutional amendment would stipulate that funding for public schools would not be reduced to pay for state charter schools.