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Top Judge Surveys Georgia Judiciary

The Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court says the state’s goal of boosting the number of so-called accountability courts will increase public safety. Justice Carol Hunstein made the remarks to the state legislature in her annual State of the Judiciary Wednesday.

Democrats: Repeal Immigration Law

State Democrats want to repeal Georgia’s controversial immigration law. And they’re drafting several bills aimed at making state government more responsive and transparent. They unveiled their legislative agenda Tuesday at the state Capitol.

Tea Party Renews Ethics Push

Georgia Tea Party groups warned legislators Thursday that there will be consequences if they don’t pass ethics reform this session. They joined a broad coalition of reform groups at the State Capitol to watch as two lawmakers filed a new ethics bill.

Bill Targets Public Internet Service

A Republican lawmaker wants private companies to compete on a level playing field with cities and counties that offer Internet broadband service. Sen. Chip Rogers of Woodstock says government-operated service providers have an unfair advantage because they can run the systems at a loss.

Senate Democrats Want HOPE Income Cap

State Democratic Leaders want to re-instate an income cap on Georgia’s HOPE college scholarship program. They say it would help shore up the program’s finances and give more needy students a chance.

Bill Targets Public Broadband

Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers says governments looking to get into the broadband business must play by the same rules as private providers and educate citizens prior to starting a new communications network.

Bill Expands Student ID Voting

A House subcommittee passed a measure Monday on voter identification. The bill would allow students who attend private universities in Georgia to use their student IDs to vote. Public university students have been able to use their student I-Ds to vote since 2005.

Bill Makes Student ID OK For Voting

A photo ID issued by a college would be enough to prove a resident was eligible to vote under a bill being debated by Georgia lawmakers.

Bill Would Cap State Spending

There is division among state Republican leaders over capping how much the state spends each year. A bill drafted by state Senators would call for a constitutional amendment to give Georgians a vote on spending limits. The bill is called the Taxpayer Protection Act.

EPD Proposes Strict Permit On Ogeechee

State environmental regulators are proposing stricter limits and more monitoring for a Screven County textile factory being sued over last year's massive fish kill in the Ogeechee River.