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Bill Limits Abortions After 20 Weeks

A Republican state lawmaker has introduced a bill that would limit abortion in Georgia, with narrow exceptions, after a pregnancy reached 20 weeks. Currently, abortion is not permitted starting in the third trimester unless it's done to protect a woman's life and health.

Savannah Harbor Nets Funding Boost

The federal government is pumping an additional $2.5 million into pre-construction work that's needed before crews could begin deepening the shipping channel to Savannah's seaport.

Google Enters Public Broadband Debate

Google is among a group of organizations urging Georgia legislators to oppose Senate Bill SB 313. It would prevent funding public broadband networks and subsidizing costs of services with public tax dollars.

Republican Race Comes To Ga

The Republican presidential race has arrived in Georgia with a month to go before the state’s primary. Candidate Mitt Romney is set to have an event with supporters in Atlanta Wednesday afternoon after his losses in three states Tuesday.

Think Tank Suggests Lottery Overhaul

A new report from a non-partisan think-tank recommends overhauling how the state uses lottery funds to pay for pre-kindergarten and college scholarships. But Gov. Nathan Deal says many of the ideas are non-starters.

Haley Rebuffs Party Over Savannah Port

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's spokesman says she plans to veto a measure opposing her board's decision to allow Georgia to dredge the Savannah River and expand its port.

Karen Handle Quits Komen

An executive with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast-cancer charity has resigned after a dispute over funding for Planned Parenthood. The resignation came in a letter obtained by The Associated Press.

Assisted Suicide Law Struck Down

The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled that the state's assisted suicide law obstructs free speech. Prosecutors say, without the law, there's no case against four Forsyth County men charged in a 58-year-old's suicide.

Sec. Kemp Asks For Election Changes

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp is asking state legislators to adopt several recommendations outlined in a report from a panel of election officials that he says will save money and streamline the voting process for state and local governments.

Budget Forecast for 2014

Gov. Nathan Deal is projecting a deficit of $320 million for fiscal 2014. The state Constitution requires lawmakers to balance the budget each year.