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Senate Approves Hunting Bills

The Georgia Senate has approved legislation that would give a special hunting permit to children with terminal illnesses.

Democrats Continue HOPE Push

State Democrats have filed a bill seeking to lower requirements for technical college students who receive HOPE grants.

State Denies Execution Clemency

The Georgia pardons board has denied clemency for a death row inmate who has refused to file appeals that would likely delay his lethal injection for years.

Dredging Roils South Carolina Politics

South Carolina's legislature is revolting over the Savannah harbor deepening project. Columbia lawmakers last week passed resolutions objecting to the proposed project, essentially blackening South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's eye.

Bill Would Earmark Fees

A proposed bill would prevent the state from redirecting fees collected for specific purposes to other budget areas. Lawmakers have drafted similar bills before. But this measure wouldn’t require a constitutional amendment, so it’s likelier to pass.

Bill Would Clear Drunken Driving Charges

Independent Representative Rusty Kidd of Milledgeville is supporting a bill that would clear a drunken driving offense if the convicted person does not have any other driving offenses for five years.

Lawmakers Target Metal Theft

Theft of copper and other metals is getting a lot of attention in the General Assembly this year. At least three bills in the legislature aim to strengthen regulations in hopes of stemming losses from metal theft.

Military Cuts Could Hit Georgia

On Thursday, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced plans to ask Congress to scale back the military. The BRAC, or Base Realignment And Closure requests would be for 2013 and 2015. If approved the military could close bases, including some in Georgia.

Democrats Target Immigration Law

House Democrats want to repeal a new law cracking down on illegal immigrants in Georgia. The badly outnumbered Democratic caucus held a public hearing Thursday at the Capitol.

States Sign Pact On Troubled Children

A dozen Florida and Georgia border counties have signed an agreement making it easier for children removed from parents or guardians to be placed with relatives in the other state.