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Assisted Suicide Bill Moves Forward

A state House committee passed a bill Tuesday that would make it a felony to help someone commit suicide. The bill follows a recent Georgia Supreme Court decision that struck down an existing assisted suicide law.

Conservationists Fear Tilapia Takeover

Conservationists from across the state descended on the Capitol Monday to push lawmakers for stronger protections for Georgia’s waterways. One of their priorities for “Capitol Conservation Day” is ensuring that fish native to Georgia don’t get edged out by Tilapia.

VIDEO: Gingrich Kicks Off Georgia Bus Tour

Hundreds of Gingrich supporters packed into a ballroom at the North Georgia Convention Center in Dalton. Many of them carried signs reading "Newt 2012" with hand written messages welcoming the former Georgia congressman home.

Prescriptions Flagged In Autopsies

A Senate Committee passed a bill late Monday that would enact the “Georgia Pain Management Clinic Act.” The bill requires pain management clinics be licensed, but exempts nursing homes, hospice care centers and inpatient hospitals.

Groups Protest Immigrant Student Ban

Students, educators and lawmakers plan to gather at the Georgia Capitol to protest legislative proposals that would ban illegal immigrant students from state colleges and universities.

Democrats Regroup Amid Dwindling Funds

Georgia's Democratic Party chairman has acknowledged the party was recently down to about a month's worth of operating expenses but has made adjustments that will keep the party in business through the spring.

Gingrich's Day In North Ga.

Republican Newt Gingrich will be campaigning across North Georgia and finish the day at the university where he once taught history.

Bill: A Crime To Not Report Child Abuse

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would make not reporting child abuse a misdemeanor crime. But concern over what constitutes abuse was the big question on Monday at the Capitol.

Lawmakers OK National Guard Change

Both the state House and Senate have passed a bill changing the career qualifications for the state's number two in command of the Georgia National Guard. The measure smooths over Gov. Nathan Deal’s recent appointment of Joe Jarrard to the position.

Poor Support Stalls Pollution Measure

A proposal giving water polluters a chance to voluntarily clean up their act was pulled again from the Senate calendar for lack of support.