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Criminal Justice Reform Bill Revised

A special panel of state lawmakers is working to revise the state’s criminal justice code by tweaking a bill that could change Georgia’s criminal justice landscape. Members of an unusual joint house and senate committee are reviewing the bill to make changes.

Will Abortion Bill Scare Away MD's?

The passage of a controversial abortion bill in the House Wednesday puts it on the fast-track to the Senate floor for a vote. But the bill is fueling concern that fear of criminal penalties might dissuade doctors from coming to Georgia.

Sunday Sales On Tuesday Ballots

Voters in 39 Georgia communities will decide Tuesday whether to allow Sunday alcohol sales. Rome, Marietta and LaGrange are some of the municipalities voting on Sunday beer, wine and liquor sales.

Gingrich Tour Rare Among Hopefuls

It's a rainy morning and US Congressman Jack Kingston is joining the mayor of suburban Richmond Hill near Savannah for the ribbon-cutting at a new physical therapy business. There are balloons, giant scissors and lots of hand shakes and smiles.

Court Hears Immigration Challenges

A federal appeals court in Atlanta heard arguments Thursday in the case against Georgia’s immigration law. But the judges say they won’t rule until after the U.S. Supreme Court settles a case against a similar law enacted in Arizona.

Juvenile Code Overhaul Passes

House lawmakers have approved a large overhaul of Georgia's juvenile justice system.

Senate Tables Charter School Bill

It’s unclear if Georgians will vote in November on changing the constitution to allow the state to approve charter schools. The state Senate Wednesday unexpectedly tabled a constitutional amendment after two hours of debate.

Bill Bans Abortion After 5 Months

State house lawmakers passed a controversial abortion bill Wednesday. The so-called “fetal pain bill” cuts the time a woman could have an abortion from 26 weeks to 20 weeks. The goal is to stop late-term abortions.

Senate OKs 'In God We Trust' Decals

The Georgia Senate has approved legislation that could make the optional "In God We Trust" decals for state license plates free. Senate Bill 293 was passed by a vote of 48-3. It would also end the requirement for license plates to display a county decal and would make them optional.

Senate Debating Charter School Bill

The Georgia Senate is debating a constitutional amendment to allow the state to create charter schools. The measure failed the state House on the first vote but passed earlier this month on the second vote.