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Presidential Primary Voting Saturday

In-person voting for Georgia’s presidential primary will be held Saturday, February 25, 2012, says Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

Venezuelans In Georgia Burn Ballots

In what’s poised to be one of Venezuela’s most heated elections in history, a young governor named Henrique Capriles will go up against the ailing President Hugo Chavez in October.

VIDEO: Tea Party Groups Unite At State Capitol

Lawmakers hosted Georgia Tea Party Day at the state capitol Wednesday. Three years to the day the party was founded Georgia Tea Party members say the party has evolved from rallies and protests to influencing policy and legislation.

Senator Proposes New Water Bill

State senators are considering a bill aimed at capturing water in Georgia before it reaches Tennessee. Chickamauga Republican Jeff Mullis says his bill would clarify the legality of proposed new reservoirs on north Georgia creeks and rivers.

House Tweaks Assisted Suicide Bill

The state House of Representatives proposed a change Tuesday to Georgia's assisted suicide law. The new bill seeks felony punishment for anyone who knowingly and willfully assists someone in taking their life.

Charter School Bill Passes House

The state House narrowly passed a bill Wednesday that would allow Georgians to vote on whether the state can approve charter schools. A different version of the GOP-backed constitutional amendment failed on its first vote earlier this month.

New Food Stamp Bill In Works

A state Senate committee met Monday to discuss a bill that would require people on food stamps who haven’t graduated from high school to take educational training.

Video: Turkish-American Day at Georiga State Capitol

Lawmakers paid homage to the country of Turkey at the state capital today. The event included traditional Turkish fare and cultural performances. The annual Turkish-American day highlights the growing economic relationship between Turkey and Georgia.

Second Charter School Vote Wednesday

Lawmakers have introduced a bill that sets how the state could pay for charter schools. It’s a companion bill to a GOP-backed charter school constitutional amendment that, despite persistent opposition, is expected to have a second vote in the House Wednesday.

Bill Prompts Abortion Debate

As a Republican lawmaker seeks to tighten rules on when a woman can get an abortion, a Democratic lawmaker is protesting the move by introducing a bill limiting vasectomies.