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Jobless Benefits Bill Stalled

Georgia’s labor commissioner wants lawmakers to okay jobless benefit changes. The plan would help re-pay $700 million the state borrowed to cover unemployment reserves. But the measure appears stalled in the House.

Fee Redirection Bill in Peril

State Senators have weakened a bill that would require the state to spend fees on their intended purposes. The original version would have forced the state to cut the tire fee and other fees according to how much lawmakers appropriated for the purpose in the previous year.

Charter School Bill in Limbo

GOP supporters of a bill that would allow the state to approve charter schools are still hoping the state Senate will vote on it before the legislative session ends. But Senate Democrats say they are unified against the legislation.

Committee Debates Gun Silencer Bill

A State House committee heard testimony Tuesday supporting a bill that would lift the ban on hunting with a silencer. But some are questioning whether the proposed law would make it easier for people to commit a crime or poach animals without getting caught.

Bill Revoking Teacher Bonuses Moves On

The Senate education committee unanimously passed a bill Monday that would revoke bonuses for Georgia teachers who cheat on standardized tests. The Democratic-backed legislation now goes to the full Senate for a vote before heading to the governor's desk.

Lawmakers Cracking Down On Metal Thieves

While it's hard to catch metal thieves lawmakers and law enforcement officials say making it tougher for them to re-sell the stolen items is one way to fight the growing problem.

Bill Targets Vacant Properties

A bill headed to Gov. Nathan Deal for his signature would create uniform rules for cities and counties setting up vacant property registries. The state Senate passed the bill Monday.

Alabama Immigration Ruling Could Affect Georgia

A federal appeals court in Atlanta blocked two parts of Alabama's law targeting illegal immigration Thursday.

GBI Urges Lawmakers To Fund Pay Increase

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is seeking a pay raise for its officers. GBI agents contend they are among the lowest-paid state law enforcement agents in the nation and the poor pay is forcing veteran investigators to leave for higher paying jobs.

Ethics Bill: Dead But Not Forgotten

One of the bills that didn’t survive the “crossover day deadline” at the Capitol, was an ethics bill to cap lobbyist spending. Senator McKoon, who helmed the bill has promised to work toward new ethics legislation for the next session.