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Senate Democrats Unveil Priorities

Voting, taxes and ethics are among the issues Georgia's Senate Democrats say they are focused on this legislative session.

Lawmakers Focus On Budget

State legislators began hearings on the 2013 budget Tuesday. They will hold meetings on the Governor's spending proposal for the rest of the week. Gov. Nathan Deal reiterated that his budget plan calls for modest spending increases.

Zero-Based Budgeting Resurfaces

In his 2013 budget proposal, Gov. Nathan Deal is using zero-based budgeting for 10 percent of state programs for the first time. It requires departments to justify every dollar they spend. Zero-based budgeting has interested some Georgia officials since the 1970s.

Nunn: Secure Nuke Materials Everywhere

Former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn says, a new report highlights the risk that terrorists could acquire the means to build a nuclear bomb. The report is from an institute Nunn founded with Georgia media mogul Ted Turner.

Tea Party: Repeal Transportation Law

Georgia Tea Party groups this week called on Governor Nathan Deal to repeal a law that will allow Georgians to vote on a one-cent transportation tax. They’re opposed to it because if the referendum passes, it will create a new tax.

December Tax Collections Drop

Gov. Nathan Deal reports that the state's overall tax collections are down for the first time in 18 months.

Democrats Want Healthcare Exchange

Georgia Democrats say they will propose a bill creating a healthcare exchange if Republican lawmakers don’t. They also say they’ve filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court supporting Pres. Obama’s healthcare reform law.

Deal: State Negotiating Megaproject

Gov. Nathan Deal said Thursday the state is very close to a landing a deal that could bring what he described as Georgia's largest business project since automaker Kia opened a massive plant in West Point.

Tea Party Pushes Ethics Reform

Georgia Tea Party groups held a rally at the state Capitol Thursday to push for ethics reform. They’ve helped to draft a bill that would limit lobbyists’ gifts to lawmakers. The Tea Party groups want Georgia to become a model for government ethics.

Political Messages Hit Savannah

Georgia voters who live along the South Carolina border are getting an early introduction to this year's presidential race in the form of campaign commercials. However, Augusta- and Savannah-area voters might not yet be ready to pay the candidates any mind.