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Gingrich's Day In North Ga.

Republican Newt Gingrich will be campaigning across North Georgia and finish the day at the university where he once taught history.

Bill: A Crime To Not Report Child Abuse

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would make not reporting child abuse a misdemeanor crime. But concern over what constitutes abuse was the big question on Monday at the Capitol.

Lawmakers OK National Guard Change

Both the state House and Senate have passed a bill changing the career qualifications for the state's number two in command of the Georgia National Guard. The measure smooths over Gov. Nathan Deal’s recent appointment of Joe Jarrard to the position.

Poor Support Stalls Pollution Measure

A proposal giving water polluters a chance to voluntarily clean up their act was pulled again from the Senate calendar for lack of support.

Charter School Bill Crosses Party Lines

State lawmakers passed a bill last week that would let Georgians decide whether the state should approve charter schools. It now heads to the Senate where support is mixed. But the GOP-backed measure had rare bi-partisan backing in the House.

Bill Would Help Find Unclaimed Vets' Remains

A bill that passed the state senate Friday would require funeral directors to take special action when it comes to unclaimed remains of U.S. Military veterans.

Senate Honors Pioneer For Black History Month

In honor of black history month the state Senate honored one of their own, who made history more than forty years ago. When Senator Leroy Johnson was elected back in 1964, he became the first African-American to serve in the Georgia State Senate since Reconstruction.

Abortion Hearing Met With Support And Opposition

Activists on both sides of the abortion debate packed a meeting room at the state capitol Friday. State lawmakers are considering a bill that would outlaw abortions after the first 20-weeks of pregnancy unless the mother's life is threatened.

Casino Concern Drives Land Bill

One Georgia lawmaker is proposing a bill that would make it harder for Native Americans to get state consent for tribal lands. Brunswick State Senator William Ligon introduced the legislation over gambling concerns.

Poll: GA Wants To Vote On Horse Racing

A new poll released Friday shows that 72% of Georgians support bringing horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering to the ballot in November. It comes on the heels of Thursday’s proposal of a bi-partisan constitutional amendment to legalize gambling on horse racing in Georgia.