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Gingrich Revamps Campaign To Deny Romney Delegates

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is drastically reorganizing his money- and delegate-deprived campaign to focus on low-cost social media and an effort to cajole delegates to back him over front-runner Mitt Romney.

Fire Department Audit

Members of the Columbus City Council are expressing concerns about minority recruitment and policies regarding drunken driving following an audit of the city's fire department.

House Rejects Deadhead Logging

House lawmakers have rejected a proposal that would allow people to profit by pulling logs sunken long ago in Georgia rivers. The House of Representatives voted 67-93 to reject the legislation Tuesday from Senate President Pro Tempore Tommie Williams.

Assisted Suicide Ban Nears Passage

Assisting in another person's suicide would be become a felony crime in Georgia punishable by up to a decade in prison under legislation passed Tuesday by the Senate.

Welfare Drug Testing Bill Moves Forward

Georgia lawmakers have passed a bill that would require welfare recipients to take a drug test before receiving benefits. GOP supporters of the measure say it would save taxpayers money but opponents say it’s unconstitutional and uncharitable.

House Rejects Changes to Abortion Bill

Abortion opponents are hailing a pair of victories in the State House. House lawmakers Tuesday rejected an attempt by state senators to loosen restrictions on a bill that would ban most abortions after 20 weeks.

Senate OKs Open Records Law Overhaul

State lawmakers passed a bill Tuesday that would introduce the first major changes to the state’s open meetings and records act in a decade. It would stiffen penalties for agencies that withhold open records and boards that hold meetings in secret.

Lawmakers Pass $39B Budget For Coming Year

Georgia lawmakers have approved a $39.5 billion budget plan for the coming financial year that earmarks roughly $100 million in last-minute money for infrastructure.

Atlanta Responds To Immigration Complaint

The city of Atlanta has asked a newly created state panel charged with ensuring that public employees and agencies comply with state laws on immigration to delay action on a complaint filed against the mayor and city council members.

Abortion Bill Passes State Senate

Georgia is another step closer to putting a limit on abortion. The State Senate heard four hours of emotional testimony on both sides of the issue Monday before voting to pass it.