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Lawmakers Pass 500 Bills In Session

With the Georgia General Assembly’s 2012 session ended, Gov. Nathan Deal has 40 days to sign or veto bills. Lawmakers passed more than 200 major bills and 300 local bills during this year’s legislative session.

Lawmakers Pass Crabbing Restrictions

Georgia lawmakers have passed a bill aimed at helping the state's struggling blue crab population. The legislation would cap the number of commercial crabbing licenses at 100, down from 138. State Representative Alex Atwood of Brunswick sponsored the bill.

Legislative Session Ends

House Speaker David Ralston gaveled out the 2012 session of the Georgia General Assembly Thursday at midnight. State lawmakers tackled some thorny issues this session, including tax reform.

Lawmakers Turn Focus To Campaign Trail

Now that the legislative session is over, lawmakers can turn their attention to the campaign trail—from raising money to raising awareness about issues that matter to their constituents.

Sunset Bill Sent To Governor

A bill that would abolish state programs and agencies if a legislative committee deems them unnecessary or ineffective is headed to Governor Nathan Deal for his signature. Under the bill, the committee would review the funding and function of state agencies and departments.

Foreclosure Fraud Bill Heads To Governor

A bill that would help protect consumers against forgeries or so-called robo-signing by mortgage companies is headed to Governor Nathan Deal’s desk.

Lawmakers Pass Abortion Bill At Deadline

Vowing to take their case to the polls, chanting, “Women will remember in November,” a line of women Senators walked out of both the House and Senate wrapped in police tape after the abortion bill passed both chambers.

Welfare Drug Test Bill Heads To Governor

A bill that would require welfare recipients to take a drug test before receiving benefits is headed to Governor Nathan Deal for his signature. Opponents say the measure is unconstitutional but supporters say it’s fair and lawful.

Jobless Benefits Bill Heads To Governor

Georgia lawmakers voted Thursday to cut state jobless benefits. The savings would go toward re-paying $700 million borrowed from the federal government to cover unemployment reserves. The bill means people could collect benefits for up to 20 weeks, down from 26 weeks.

Lawmakers Work to Fight Human Trafficking

On Thursday the Senate unanimously passed a resolution to create a joint commission to combat human trafficking in Georgia. The commission would work to create laws to better help victims of sex trafficking. Senator Renee Unterman a Republican from Buford supported the cause.