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Alabama Immigration Ruling Could Affect Georgia

A federal appeals court in Atlanta blocked two parts of Alabama's law targeting illegal immigration Thursday.

GBI Urges Lawmakers To Fund Pay Increase

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is seeking a pay raise for its officers. GBI agents contend they are among the lowest-paid state law enforcement agents in the nation and the poor pay is forcing veteran investigators to leave for higher paying jobs.

Ethics Bill: Dead But Not Forgotten

One of the bills that didn’t survive the “crossover day deadline” at the Capitol, was an ethics bill to cap lobbyist spending. Senator McKoon, who helmed the bill has promised to work toward new ethics legislation for the next session.

Jeffersonville Sunday Alcohol Sales Fails By 1 Vote

Voters rejected Sunday sales of alcohol by a single vote in the central Georgia town of Jeffersonville. The Telegraph of Macon reports that 89 people voted in favor of the measure and 90 voted against it.

Band Among Air Force Cuts

The US Air Force is getting rid of its reserve band at Robins Air Force Base. A military spending plan cuts the 45-member band and it's eight ensembles from next year's budget. The air force created what became a Robins fixture in 1941.

Dozens of Bills Clear Senate

The state Senate heard 30 bills on an important day in the state legislature, commonly called Crossover Day. Bills had to pass must pass at least one chamber by midnight Wednesday. Otherwise, they died and will have to start all over again next year.

Bills Pass By House Deadline

House lawmakers made a dash for the finish line during the General Assembly’s longest and busiest day of the legislative session.

New Guidelines For Food Stamps

The Georgia Senate passed a bill that would require food stamp recipients pursue “personal or professional development” to retain their state benefits. The legislation is aimed at encouraging self-sufficiency and accountability.

Charter School Bill Passes House

The State House has passed enabling legislation to allow the state to commission charter schools in Georgia. The question over whether the state or local school boards should fund charter schools divided House Democrats and Republicans.

Mapping Super Tuesday's SPLOST Results

Super Tuesday gave Georgia voters in select counties an opportunity to vote for or against a 1% sales tax. Proceeds from the potential tax increase fund county and municipal SPLOST projects. The projects generally focus on education or transportation.