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Atlanta Responds To Immigration Complaint

The city of Atlanta has asked a newly created state panel charged with ensuring that public employees and agencies comply with state laws on immigration to delay action on a complaint filed against the mayor and city council members.

Abortion Bill Passes State Senate

Georgia is another step closer to putting a limit on abortion. The State Senate heard four hours of emotional testimony on both sides of the issue Monday before voting to pass it.

Doctors Rally For Health Care Law

Dozens of Georgia medical professionals rallied at the State Capitol Monday to ask lawmakers to withdraw the state's lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act.

Tax Reform Impact Hard To Predict

A tax break bill that gives perks to businesses and cuts the property tax on motor vehicles now awaits Gov. Nathan Deal's signature. The state Senate unanimously approved it last week.

Senate Debates Abortion Bill

Abortion would be illegal in most cases five months after conception under a bill the Georgia Senate will consider this week.

Georgia Women Pay More For Health Plans

Georgia health insurers are charging women more in premiums for the same policies as men. The findings come as the US Supreme Court tackles a legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act, which bans health gender rating.

Bill Opens Sports, Clubs To Charter Students

A House committee has passed a bill that would allow charter school students to participate in sports and clubs at traditional public schools. Senate Bill 34 is headed to the full House for a vote. It already passed the Senate.

Dems: Drug Testing For Welfare Unconstitutional

Supporters of the measure say requiring drug testing to qualify for "Temporary Assistance For Needy Families" benefits will save the state money. But House Democrats like Representative Roger Bruce from Atlanta say the math doesn't add up.

Criminal Justice Bill Passes House

The Georgia House overwhelmingly approved a proposal Thursday to overhaul Georgia’s criminal justice system.

Tax Reform Heads To Governor

A tax reform plan that would remove an unpopular car tax and the sales tax manufacturers pay on energy unanimously passed the state Senate Thursday. The state House has already passed the measure so it now heads to Governor Nathan Deal, who says he will sign it.