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Crossover Day: Tesla, Medical Cannabis Bills Before Lawmakers

Georgia lawmakers face a key deadline for bills to maintain a shot at becoming law this year. A Senate rule requires that bills pass their originating chamber by the 30th day of the legislative session, which is Friday.
Lyft car

Ride Hailing Measure Passes Georgia House By Huge Margin

Car hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft would be allowed to continue operating in Georgia under a complex bill headed to the state Senate.

Meet The 15-Year-Old From Rural Guatemala Who Addressed The U.N.

When Emelin was 13, she asked the mayor of her rural Guatemalan town to find ways to help girls stay in school and get better health care. He laughed out loud. "You are wasting my time; you should go home," he told Emelin and her friend Elba, who had come with her.

Iraqi Force Makes More Gains Toward Taking Tikrit From ISIS

Pro-government forces in Iraq are making progress in the push to take back the city of Tikrit from the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS. Iraqi officials say the focus is now on the city's center, and that advances were still being slowed by bombs and booby traps.

Drawn-Out Syrian Civil War Spawns A Literal Dark Age

The conflict in Syria is entering its fifth year, and two new reports suggest it just keeps getting worse for civilians there.

Clinton Says She Didn't Save Personal Emails From Her State Department Tenure

Updated at 3:21 p.m. ET

Iran Calls GOP Letter 'Propaganda Ploy,' Offers To 'Enlighten' Authors

Republican senators' letter to Iran about ongoing nuclear talks has prompted a lengthy response from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who delivered an overview of international law as he critiqued the letter.

Ethiopia's Blue Party Tries To Reacquaint Nation With Dissent

Feven Tashome is a study in blue. The 21-year-old's toenails are painted a rich cobalt, her scarf is baby blue and her leather handbag is ultramarine.

Low Oil Prices Could Stall Explosive Growth In Montana Boom Town

What happens when the price of oil tanks and suddenly you're faced with a whole lot less money to deal with your town's explosive growth? If you're 52-year-old Rick Norby, you lose a lot of sleep. "I haven't slept since I became mayor," he says. "I really ain't kidding you."