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Fed Sends Clear Sign On Raising Rates, But Says Hike Unlikely In April

Updated at 2:47 p.m. ET

Letter To White House Tested Positive For Cyanide, Secret Service Says

A test on an envelope that arrived at the White House Mail Screening Facility Monday indicates that it contains cyanide, according to the Secret Service. The agency did not announce to whom the letter was addressed; further tests are being conducted to confirm the results.

Netanyahu's Campaign Puts Him On The Path To Confrontation

During his campaign, Benjamin Netanyahu aggressively opposed the negotiations on Iran's nuclear program, ruled out a Palestinian state on his watch, and argued that Israel would be best served by a government of the right.

Attorney General Holder Jokes Republicans Have 'A New Fondness For Me'

Attorney General Eric Holder joked Wednesday that given nearly six months of Senate delays in confirming his successor at the Justice Department, "it's almost as if the Republicans in Congress have discovered a new fondness for me."

Kentucky Right-To-Work Battle Shifts To Counties

This past January, the Republican-led Kentucky Senate did what it does just about every year: It passed a statewide right-to-work bill. Keeping with tradition, when the bill arrived at the Democratic-controlled House, it died.
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Senate Lawmakers Make Significant Changes To House Transportation Bill

The Georgia Senate has made big changes to a transportation bill approved by House lawmakers.

Obama Picks Kentucky To Win NCAA Tournament, Mixes In Politics

President Barack Obama didn't exactly go out on a limb with his college-basketball picks this year. Like most people, he picked Kentucky to run the table, go 40-0, and win the NCAA Tournament. He also picked three No. 1 seeds and one No. 2 to make it to the Final Four.
Atlanta downtown connector

Atlanta Voters Approve $250 Million Bond Package

Atlanta voters have approved a $250 million bond package aimed at fixing aging infrastructure such as roads, bridges, sidewalks and buildings.

Netanyahu Defeats Center-Left Rival In Israel's Parliamentary Election

With nearly all votes counted in elections for the Knesset, Israel's parliament, Benjamin Netanyahu's center-right Likud party has won at least a five-seat victory over its principal rival, the center-left Zionist Union.

House GOP Budget Sets Stage For Showdown With The President

House Republicans unveiled a draft budget Tuesday designed to bring government spending in line with revenues over the next decade, while making significant cuts to safety net programs such as Medicaid and food sta