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Hillary Clinton Is Ready To 'Stand Out' As A Female Candidate

At the end of the grueling 2008 primary fight, Hillary Clinton gathered supporters in Washington, D.C., and delivered perhaps the most memorable line of her whole campaign.

Looking for Clarity in Death Row Clemency

A bill in the General Assembly has been praised for its potential to make transparent the inner workings of the Board of Pardons and Parole, but there are questions about just how far that transparency will go.
Sidney Lanier Bridge

Ga. Senate Passes Spending Plan Including New Construction

The Georgia Senate has approved a state spending plan for the next year, setting up negotiations with House lawmakers who already have approved their own version.
Elaine Boyer

Former DeKalb County Commissioner Boyer Sentenced To 14 Months In Federal Prison

WSB-TV reports former DeKalb County commissioner Elaine Boyer has been sentenced Friday to 14 months in federal prison for defrauding taxpayers.
Medical marijuana

Senate Committees Pass Medical Marijuana, Ride Sharing Bills

Bills covering medical cannabis and ride sharing services have cleared committees in the Georgia Senate.
David Ralston

Ga. Speaker: 'Religious Freedom' Bill Still Under Review

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston says he hasn't made up his mind on a divisive bill that supporters argue will protect religious freedom.
Atlanta Freeway

Could TSPLOSTS Make A Comeback?

Lawmakers in the State Senate are considering regional sales taxes to pay for transportation projects. Most regions of the state including metro Atlanta, voted against TSPLOSTs in 2012.

Australian Leader Raises Furor In Parliament With 'Goebbels' Comment

Roars of disapproval rang out in Australia's Parliament on Thursday, after Prime Minister Tony Abbott called Labor leader Bill Shorten "the Dr. Goebbels of economic policy." In the ruckus that ensued, three lawmakers were ejected and another walked out.

Obama Says Critics Making 'The Same Argument' Despite Better Economy

Barack Obama let down his graying presidential hair a little bit on Wednesday. He also joked about coloring it.
Jeb Bush

Bush Says All Students Must Be Held To High Expectations

Jeb Bush says the nation's education system must hold all schoolchildren to high expectations or they won't succeed. The former Florida governor addressed Georgia lawmakers Thursday after a swing through the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.